While the mall and stores are currently filled with holiday shoppers, pretty soon it will be the opposite.

The day after Christmas is the unofficial holiday of "Returning Day" (I just made that up). You get a gift you don't like so you head to the store to return it or exchange it for something you'd rather have.

So while shopping this year, at least consider the stores with good return policies so that when your gift is being returned, your friend/family member/Secret Santa doesn't face any problems.

These are the stores in West Michigan with the best return policies:

**People don't call me the "Queen of Returns" for nothing. Being that I have made a return at EVERY store on this list, I stand by each one**
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    JCPenney will take returns and exchanges without receipts and the best part is that they will take returns at any time, which means you don't have a restricted amount of time before the item has to be returned.

    If you do make a return without a receipt you will get store credit for that amount.

    However, there are restrictions on items such as fine jewelry and electronics.

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    Kohl's describes their returns as "Hasssle-Free" which is the best kind of return!

    They too, don't have a time limit on their return policy and you also don't need a receipt.

    If you do make a return without a receipt you will instead get:

    • Full refund on Kohl's card (if used)
    • Store credit
    • Even exchange
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    You have one year to return general merchandise purchased at Macy's. No receipt? You can get store credit instead.

    For more specific returns, this can help you out.

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    For starters, Costco is amazing to begin with, especially for people who are always hungry (like myself). But they're also amazing with their returns.

    At Costco, you can get a full refund for almost anything in their store. Yes, even their caskets... although that would be kind of weird.

    With the exception of certain items (i.e. electronics - 90 days), you can make returns at any time.

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    Staples will accept returns any time, whether purchased online or in-store, with or without a receipt. They also offer free online returns.

    Furniture normally has a 14-day limit but the store extends that time during the holiday season.

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    Since you'll most likely be walking out with random stuff you don't need when going to Target, it's good to know about their return policy.

    While Target does have a time limit on returns, you still have a good amount of time.

    • One year for any Target-brand item.
    • 30 days for electronics
    • 90 days for other items
    • If you have a Target credit card, you get an additional 30 days for returns.

    And in most cases, you will get the refund in the original form of payment.

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    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Not only does Bed Bath & Beyond have all those amazing coupons but they've also got a really good return policy, in person and by mail. They even cover the return shipping costs.

    Always a nice thing, there's no time limit on returns. You get your money back the same way you purchased the item. Even if you don't have a receipt, you can get your money back if bought within the last year. If not, you still get store credit.

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    Bath & Body Works

    Lots of people do holiday shopping at Bath & Body Works, which has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there's anything you're not happy with, you can return it, at any time, for a full refund.

    They also do price adjustments if you missed a sale or promotion, within 14 days.

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    If you're from or live in Michigan, you definitely shop at Meijer and because its basically a one-stop-shop, many will be doing their holiday shopping there.

    According to their website, they strive for

    quick, easy, and positive return experience..."

    All returns will be refunded in the original form of payment and if there is no receipt they can look for the original in their system. Otherwise, you can get store credit.

    You can even return food, with or without a receipt.

    Because they stand behind their brand, anything that is store brand can be returned at any time for a full refund.

    You have 90 days to return general merchandise items, with the exception of electronics that have data capabilities (30 days).

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    This is one of the few female-targeted stores that lets you return your items at any time, including online.

    However, if you buy furniture or any oversized item you have 30 days to make the return.

    You can find Anthropologie at the Breton Village Mall in Grand Rapids.

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    Trader Joe's

    You wouldn't necessarily think of Trader Joe's when it comes to holiday shopping but I'm adding it on the list because you may buy some food to cook with on Christmas... and they have the best return policy ever!

    You can return anything at Trader Joe's for the simple fact that you did not like it. For example, if you buy the guacamole and didn't like it (shame on you, it's the best), you can return it to the store, tell them you weren't a fan, and they will give you your money back. No questions asked.

    I was told about this by an employee when I was shopping there once and it's also confirmed on their website:

    In the most simplest terms: Try it. We think you'll like it. If you don't, bring it back for a full refund."

    The only West Michigan location is on 28th Street in Kentwood.

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