Yesterday, we had a very controversial, on-going topic during the show and on Facebook... what is this strawberry billboard supposed to mean?!

I noticed the billboard on Monday afternoon when I was driving home and I couldn't figure out why it was just a strawberry. Turns out it's not just a strawberry! There's fruit all over the Grand Rapids area! A ton of you said that you've seen all different types of fruits over town. Grapes, cantaloupes, tomatoes, even cucumbers and onions! What's going on?!

Most of us were confused what these fruit (and vegetable) billboards were trying to tell us. Are they trying to get us to eat healthier? Do they want us to eat more fruit? Whatever it is, it must be working because ever since I saw that strawberry it's all I want. Some of you expressed the same sentiment. A lot of people assumed its Meijer trying to promote their fruit which sounds logical, but it isn't.

Finally an answer! A listener called in explaining that as a kid she took a field trip to the billboard company, Outlook (random, I know). But during that field trip she learned that when the company doesn't have anything to advertise they'll choose a theme and put random stuff on billboards. 20+ years later they're still doing it.

Who knew the answer to this mystery would be so simple? Bravo, billboard company, you got the whole town talking as to what your fruit billboards are supposed to mean. Now we can drive by a banana or an onion without going crazy trying to figure out the meaning behind it.

Mystery solved, Grand Rapids!

This experience has taught me two things though:

  1. Together, we can solve anything.
  2. I need to eat more fruit.

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