With strong winds today, Consumers Energy is already displaying power outages on their map.  As of 11 am Sunday morning WOODTV reported that over 19,000 customers were trying to figure out if they needed to move their freezer to a cooler for the day.

According to WOODTV, the strong winds, which could reach 50mph during gusts, make it hard for the crews to repair the lines too.  (In my head, they’re trying to reconnect a broken line with tape, but the wind keeps pulling one end out of the repair person’s hand. I know it’s not really how it works, but in my head.)

You can keep up with the outages, which Consumers Energy told WOODTV they expect to see the number rise throughout the day, on their interactive map.

Remember, if you see a downed power line, call 9-1-1 or Consumers at 888-477-5050.

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