Most of us enjoy the summertime. It's finally warm after half the year being cold and snowy. We can finally wear summer clothing. Go on vacations. Relax by the pool/beach... and the list goes on. I noticed some people complaining about the heat on Facebook yesterday and how hot it was. Yes, I agree it was hot and it's hot & humid today. But that's the least of my worries.

Although I do enjoy summer, & the warmth, the thing that I can't stand about this season is how often I have to shave my legs. I feel like my hair grows back rapid speed during the summertime, and it doesn't help that I'm Middle Eastern because it grows back 5x faster than the average female. Days like yesterday, when it was hot, I have to wear pants when I should be wearing shorts.

Also, I have to keep up on my pedicures more often than I do in the cooler months. I'm currently in desperate need to get one. It's been a month since my last one and I'm being forced to wear sneakers or closed-toed shoes. I get so caught up with work during the day that by the time I get off I just want to go home and relax. But I will make it my mission to get one by the end of the week!

What is the thing you dislike about summer? What is your "summertime sadness?"

Steve Frost/ThinkStock