Hot, humid, muggy, moist, oppressive, dank...A HEAT ADVISORY is in effect today for most of West Michigan from noon until 8 P.M.

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Actual temperatures are expected to climb to the low 90's today but the heat index will make it fell like 100 degrees.

There is a chance of thunderstorms as well. Any storms that do develop will likely have torrential rainfall and frequent lightning. Widespread severe weather is not expected, it's not impossible that a couple of storms could contain gusty winds.

A break in the high temperatures is expected to come next week on Monday and Tuesday.

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Here are some hot weather tips to stay safe:

  • Drink plenty of water. One of the best ways to avoid heat-related illness is to drink plenty of water.
  • Keep your body cool. Keeping as cool as possible can also help you prevent heat-related illness. Make sure you stay out of the sun.
  • Keep your house cool. You can help keep your house cool by shutting curtains and blinds during the day.
  • Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

The National Weather Service says a heat advisory is issued within 12 hours of the onset of extremely dangerous heat conditions. The general rule of thumb for an advisory is when the maximum heat index temperature is expected to be 100° or higher for at least 2 days, and night time air temperatures will not drop below 75°.

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These criteria vary across the country, especially for areas that are not used to dangerous heat conditions. A heat wave is a period of abnormally hot weather generally lasting more than two days.

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