Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday and if you have plans on going to a party, be prepared because you could end up leaving sick.

Gizmodo reports on a study, done over 35 years, from Tulane University, which found that if a city's team was playing in the game, more people are likely to die from the flu.

Based on data from 1974 through 2009, cities with teams in the Super Bowl saw 18 percent increases in influenza mortality for people over 65."

The culprit? Super Bowl parties. Researchers say it's because people are more likely to attend these parties and be with other people they don't know. Therefore, they're sharing each other's germs and as the day/game progresses people forget a few important things... like not to double dip!

As people shout and cough and the guacamole gets progressively filled with people’s saliva, the chances of spreading the flu increase."

Scientists suggest getting a flu shot, washing your hands frequently and reminding people idiots not to double dip.