I have to admit, 'Pop Up Video' is one of my favorite things to ever happen to music. I mean, the videos, in of of themselves are cool, but it's kind of awesome to get the inside information on them.

Taylor Swift's ‘Our Song,’  recently got the 'Pop Up' treatment. And it reveals a lot about the video, and Taylor in general. Turns out that she's written songs about most of her exes. 'Our Song' was written about her boyfriend in 9th grade, who she broke up with a couple months later. We also learn a bit about a “falling out” she may have had with former fiddler Emily. Check out the video after the jump!

Also, that sparkly guitar she plays in the video? All of the rhinestones were glued on one-by-one, by hand, by the stylists. That doesn't sound like a job I'd want to have.