Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a new Dad who has learned a lot of things over the last several months and I want to pass along some knowledge to you!

Each week I will be giving you some new tips for first-time parents and one spectacular Dad joke!  So let's get to the tips!

  1. Today’s first Daddy tip is for all of the parents whose babies are just starting to get their first teeth. Charlotte finally has 3 teeth that have broken through her gums, and two of them look a little crooked. But, that’s OK, as the come in they can straighten out a bit, and it’s common for baby teeth to be crooked even when the come in. So don’t freak out if you baby has a little bit of some snaggle teeth going on because it just makes them look cute. Just keep an eye on them as the come in and if anything looks concerning, just ask your pediatrician or a dentist.
  2. The next tip is how to trick your spouse into thinking your going above and beyond. Now that Charlotte is teething, she wakes up occasionally in the night and needs a little bit of soothing before she goes back to sleep. So, after about a week of us having to wake up, I act like the good husband and I’ll wake up with her the first time she needs soothing, but that’s the trick. It’s been easier to put her back to sleep the first time she wakes up because it’s still usually earlyish in the night. So I can wake up, hold her for a bit, give her a teething toy and she’s back to sleep. Then the next time she wakes up, it’s Britt’s turn and that’s when it’s much harder to get her back to sleep and she may even need to eat too. So if you wake up first, you usually get the better night sleep and look like your eager to help.
  3. The final daddy tip is to start weaning your baby from their bottle and giving them food you eat as soon as possible. Once your baby starts to eat solid food, slowly introduce mushed up food you make. Charlotte has started to eat all of the vegetables I cook and loves any fruit we have at the house. It’s a lot cheaper to give your baby food that you’re eating instead of baby food. Especially when you got a big baby like mine! And it’s adorable to watch them feed themselves little cut up steam veggies with their hands. So cute!

And now it’s for an awesome dad joke!

Q: I told my wife that I totally used to hate facial hair.
A: But then it started to grow on me.

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