So my buddy and his wife actually were on vacation and saved a man from a massive car accident just last week. I wondered if I would run to a burning car and save a life. I think I would. Then I started thinking of “HERO” moments in my life and what I’ve done. What about you?

Tell us a story when you were a hero.

  • I am a hero right now because my sister has ovarian cancer. So I had her and my niece move in with me so she wouldn't have to worry about bills and stuff.
  • Not me ,but my nephew,son and hubby went mudding and came upon an old man(80+) stuck in the mud with his car.No one would've found him for days or weeks.
  • everyday....I teach.
  • Heimliched a dude choking on a piece of steak
  • High school, my friend and I got TBoned on the driver's side. My friend was only about 100 lbs and he broke his pelvis and tore his diaphragm. He was knocked out instantly. I was not hurt and totally fine. I looked over at his unconscious body and noticed the car was still rolling so I turned the car off. Then I tried to wake him up and I smacked him on the chest a bunch of times. Long story short he had emergency surgery and the Docs thought he would have blood clots. When they heard what I did they told me good job. So I'm told Smacking him on the chest broke up the blood clots. He is still alive today and is now a firefighter saving those in trouble. He says I'm his hero, I just did what instinctively came to me. We hold each other in the highest light. We are brothers 4 life.
  • Driving down the road in the winter (yes it WAS actually really cold and snowy) and cars were swerving and honking ahead of me. I get up there and see an old lady stumbling around in the road with no shoes on! I pulled over, got her out of the road and called the cops. She was, I think, Polish? And was mixing languages but we figured out she had dementia and was trying to get to a church downtown. I loaded her up in my car, took off her snow covered socks, warmed her up and we drove around the area trying to find where she came from. Finally noticed a medical bracelet on her arm and were able to get her back to her family. Poor lady! She reminded me of my grandma.
  • We went to Yellowstone National Park with our 4 kids. My husband dropped us off at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and he went to park the car. I looked away for a second and my daughter hopped up on top of these boulders that were a barrier so people would not plummet to their death. She was walking along the boulders with sandals on (one slip and she would have fallen to her death). Instead of freaking out like a crazy person, I walked over to her, put my arm slowly around her waist, and pulled her off the Boulder. My husband shows up right at that moment and the look on his face we will never forget. #SCARY
  • Medical Assistant for a doctor's office, jumped thru hoops on a prior auth for a medication the insurance company was trying to deny-multiple times - for one of our patients. He finally got it and his mom came back with a card and a gift card for ice cream! I miss that family so much! (lost that job d/t covid)
  • Not that I consider myself a hero, but I did the Heimlich on my mom. She was choking on a piece of chicken that got stuck in her throat.
  • I jumped in a pool, fully clothed and saved two kids, one who was being pushed under by the other cuz they were too deep...while their parents sat right next to the pool watching them.
  • Went to a party at a good friend's, there was a band and about 30 people.
  • The only toilet backed up and nothing was working, freeing it up. I tried pulling the toilet. Gerry had the bright idea to blast it through and cover all holes, but he forgot about the overflow drain for the sink.. He was covered in poop. But I got it fixed
  • I was driving to church one day, and there was this man who was driving down the sidewalk in his electric scooter. A set of sprinklers came on and he tried to avoid them. In doing so he wound up being launched into a 4 lane road. I quickly pulled over, and my husband and I got him out of the road.
  • My old intern and I were running an errand and as we were coming up to a 4 way stop a truck ran through it and hit another car full speed on the drivers side. We called 911 and got into the car...we didn’t move the man inside the car as we were not sure how badly he was injured....I held his hands as he quickly passed away before the ambulance or police arrived. I didn’t do anything heroic but he didn’t die alone and I felt “honored” in someway that I was there with him when he passed. His funeral was the only one I’ve ever been to where I didn’t know a soul. His family later sought me out and came to my home one night to talk about that day and I was so thankful to tell them he passed quickly and didn’t appear to be in any pain.
  • Back in 1984, I was born. The rest is history. The end.
  • When i saved my nephew from choking when he was a baby. My sister then saved my kid from falling off the porch and hurt herself in the process! We are both heroes.
  • I held hands, cried for, prayed with and stood bedside with Covid patients so they didn’t have to die alone.
  • In early 2020, I was the first on the scene to a HORRIBLE car accident, when a man had driven his F250 pick up truck UNDERNEATH the trailer of a semi. The windshield had been caved in from the side of the trailer, last how far under he went (he t-boned the semi). The man had to have been late 70s, and was in and out of consciousness so I tore off both of my shirts to contain the bleeding. Whenever he would come to, I had to remind him to stay as still as possible until the paramedics arrived. Don’t know if there was any spinal or neck damage, so I did my best to keep his spine stabilized as he drifted in and out of consciousness, all while shirtless as I used my articles of clothing to stop the bleeding from his head.
  • Don't really consider myself a hero as was just doing what was right me and my brother was out of my backyard playing catch I'm 17 he's fifteen at the time and the apartment complex next to us there was a lady screaming so I ran over there to see what was happening and someone broke into her apartment and was trying to assault her. I pulled the guy off her and hit him with a lamp. It knocked him out and we called the police. to this day that young lady is one of my best friends. once again not really a hero just doing what was right
  • My dad was going through treatment for tongue cancer. I was taking care of him when something ruptured and he started to bleed out. He says I saved his life, but I remember calling the ambulance and guiding them while trying to keep him alive. This a while ago and we were out in the county - gps was not getting the ambulance there. Worst day of my life, but 15 years later, my dad is still here with us
  • 4 years ago, my husband and I were leaving IHOP and came across a woman collapsed in the parking lot. We were first on scene. Turned on my hazards and called 911 while my husband (former emt volunteer) tended to her. She started coming around. We discover her husband OD'ed in a car in the far back of the parking lot and she passed out trying to get help in the restaurant. They left in an ambulance, but I never found out if they survived it.
  • When I was a lunch lady many years ago, a little 1st grader was choking on a grape, so I did the heimlich on her and then kept her with me til she calmed down so she wouldn't be embarrassed in front of the other kids. I felt so bad for her.
  • Not me but my dad. He saved me from drowning when I was kid. My dad is my hero!
  • When I wore my Superman Underoos…
  • I enabled a hero - when my daughter was a freshman in high school, she told me a friend of hers was cutting herself. My daughter felt the cuts were dangerously deep and feared her friend would commit suicide. The friend made my daughter promise not to tell anyone. I asked my daughter if she wanted to keep the friendship and risk her friend dying, or lose the friendship but possibly save her friend's life. She chose to tell me which friend and through channels, I informed a family member of her friend who I knew would handle it delicately with love. My daughter was a hero even though she did lose the friendship for quite awhile.
  • I saved someone from drowning when I was 11 right now I'm 28
  • I met a young man at McDonald’s drive thru. He recognized my laugh...asked if it was me and I said yes, who is this? He says he will explain when I go pay. When I saw him, I didn’t recognize him. He said because when I taught him piano he was only 5 years old. I made it so fun that he was a music major and he was working his way through college and was going to become a music teacher
  • My daughter (14 at the time) pulled a lady out of her car that was upside down in a marsh.. she couldn’t get out of her seatbelt.
  • Honestly it was kind of crazy! I was driving to college on the back roads. A little car zipped past me. Well about 5 miles up, I see skid marks in the marsh. It's like 7am. I pull over and see the car upside down and sinking into the wetlands and I hear a baby crying. I ran through the marsh, pulled the driver's side door off the hinges not even kidding, grabbed the baby and the mother (very young), put her over my shoulder and carried the baby up to the road. I was covered in mud, shaking, crying. I drove to college and collapsed in class from sheer exhaustion and adrenaline. I slept for 2 days. It was in the paper I was the unnamed girl. Yay! I didn't stick around but to tell police what I saw
  • On my wife and I’s first date, there was a huge snowstorm where people were stuck all over downtown. Before we got to the restaurant, I helped 3-4 people get unstuck from snow banks and I wound up getting soaked from head to toe. The date went on, and it went pretty well. 4 years later, on our wedding day, my mother-in-law told me that my wife knew at that moment that I was the one she’d marry.
  • I was 6 years old and my sister was 2. I also have a twin brother & sister who were just newborns at the time in their cribs. My sister was running around the dining room with a penny. Next thing I know she’s choking on said penny. My mom starts yelling her name. I ran over to her & gave her the heimlich maneuver. That penny shot out of her mouth across the room I saved my little sisters life
  • When I was in Jr High there was a boy that was constantly picked on whether it was his clothes, how he looked or smelled, kids were just awful to him. One day the entire class was being mean to him when the teacher left and I had had enough. I could hear him crying behind me so I stood up and told everyone the next person to give him crap was dealing with me. I hugged the boy and told him to let me know if anyone else bothered him. The day he wrote me a note telling me how he was planning on committing suicide the day before but bc of me and showing someone cared he didn't go through with it and felt like he finally had a friend.

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