It was a pre-season game between the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers when a melee erupted. Not all of the action was on the field during this match. A tense fight broke out between a man and a woman in the stands. Police are now trying to identify the fans.

In the video, someone swears, and a woman is seen getting close to the man in the white T-shirt and swinging her right arm at him; punches and shoving followed, along with screaming and shouting by other fans in the stand.

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Someone shouted, "She slapped him." At one point, it appears the woman slaps the man. He looks to a man sitting next to her as to say, "I can't hit her back, so you need to step in." The second man does stand up and the first man hauls off and decks him.

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It is unclear who the fans were cheering for...the Lions or the Steelers.

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The Lions only have 3 pre-season games this year and they are not playing their starters. The Steelers came out on top with a 20-26 final. The lions lost the first preseason game too against the Buffalo Bills. They take on Indianapolis Colts this Friday at Ford Field. The game is at 7pm.

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The Lions regular season begins on September 12.

Here is a look of this past Saturdays games highlights courtesy of the NFL.

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