Kent County MDHHS Foster Care program would like to thank Mix 95.7 and its listeners for their amazing generosity this holiday season.  Special thanks to:
Connie, Fish, Steve, Bethany, and Amanda
Preferred Credit Union employees and members
St. Luke’s University Parish of Allendale
Karla Libolt and the staff at Art Recovery Technologies
Kent County Probate Court
The staff at Oral Surgery Associates on behalf of Dr. Kintz, Dr. Dingman, and Dr. Mulder
The Clark Family
Sally Lott
Christina VerWys
Angela Meadows
Wylie deVera
Rachael Traxler
Ingrid Reineking
Kellyn Mayer
Cindy VanLinden
Patty Duemler
Kay Snyder
David and Dawn Levian
Camille Zandbergen
Jenna Hunt
Courtney Skinner
Tracey Warner
Michelle Russell
The Pack Family
Tami Stob
Jenny Redes
Jennifer DenBesten
Megan Feldman
Kathleen Oom
Sandy DeBruine
Peggy Frizzo
Erica Dickey
Naomi Schroeder
Jean Simaz
Carol A Gilbert
Tim and Christine Horner
The Piaseckis
Hester Hendricks
Christy M Mayo
The Buzzell Family
Carol Purcey
Tammy Bond
Kathryn Dumouchelle
Amy Rawlings
Sarah Foss
Kathleen Fletcher
Nicole Maurer
Robin Alvarez
Jennifer Barnes
Brandy Hawley
Nancy Surchecki
Jessica Brinks
Diane Sparling
Kalee Redder
Rhonda Wolverton
Sandra Landry
Mary Riddle
Jill Gilbert
Emily and John Proctor
Nancy Schaperkotter
Courtney Albers
Diane Lambright
Joell Snidanko
Cheryl Slaughter
Murray Swoish
Ryan ONeill
Melissa Landrum
Chelsea Leach
Jenna Hunt
The Moore Family
Annie K
And to anyone we may have missed and the many anonymous donors who helped make this holiday season so much brighter for these special children.
Happy Holidays!