Moving to Michigan has been an adjustment. The people are extremely nice and super helpful, which helps a lot. However, there are certain things that surprised me when I finally settled in.

I wanted to get other people's opinions on if there were things that confused them about Michigan. There were some great responses. Here are five of the best ones.

Maria mentioned, "how close everything is and what people consider traffic is."

Downtown living is truly a special thing. Everything is within walking distance. If you have to go out of the downtown area, it is still extremely simple to get places. As for Maria's traffic comment, I do not think I have experienced traffic in Grand Rapids yet. However, no city traffic has anything on the traffic in D.C. If it takes 20 minutes to get somewhere in the city, it would add an extra 30 minutes to your commute if it is rush hour.

Melissa: People are all up in each other's business out here lol. Still safer and better cost of living than where I'm from though!

Coming from the nation's capital, it is extremely comforting to have proper safety. D.C. is extremely expensive. Grand Rapids was a great change of pace for me.

Candace: That applesauce and cottage cheese is served as a side at many restaurants.

Applesauce and cottage cheese as a side dish confuses me to no end. The real question is, what would you choose to eat applesauce and cottage cheese with? Applesauce is great on its own.

Jackie: "They sell whiskey in the supermarket."

When I saw whiskey in a supermarket, I was so shocked that I started laughing. In D.C. and Maryland, alcohol is not allowed to be sold in grocery stores or supermarkets. If you wanted that luxury, you had to travel to Virginia. With that being said, it was extremely weird for me to see hard liquor being sold in supermarkets in Michigan.

Bev mentioned, "that they recycled cans."

Bev and I are on the same page! When I moved into my apartment, their recycling habits were explained to me. When cans were mentioned, I was so shocked, but in a good way. I think this should be adopted by all states.

Pros and Cons of Living in Michigan

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