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Who knew finding love was so expensive and time-consuming?

The Daily Mail reports that men and women, spend on average, 5½ years and just over $20,000 before they settle down and get married. During that time period, a person will spend about $43.50 per date.

However, when it's broken down by gender men spend significantly more than woman, with his most expensive date being around $225 and a woman's being $93.

As far as the most popular kind of date? No surprise here, going out to dinner came out on top. Followed by going to the movies, going for a walk, making a meal and spending time at home.

Some other things the survey found include:

  • Most people met their dates through a friend, at a bar/nightclub, or online
  • Majority think the man should pay on the first date (rightfully so)
  • 20% of men have tried the "fake yawn and stretch" to put their arm around her on a first date.
  • Most people (75%) prefer "stationary" dates where you don't have to move rather than being active. Like dinner or the movies. Gosh, Americans are so lazy.

How long did it take you before you settled down?