Pool weather is slowly (emphasis on the slowly) approaching and this pool accessory is a must!

The Kai Seat Lounge from Pottery Barn. It's basically a bean bag that floats in your pool. Sure, a giant unicorn or a sprinkled donut may look pretty for your Instagram but this float is the ultimate way to relax this summer. The bean bag looks exactly like the one you had growing up except instead of being stuffed with polystyrene beads it's made from "Sunbrella marine fabric for long-lasting use" which means its fade- and stain-resistant plus mold-resistant.

The bags come in three different colors and is listed for $199, which I admit is a little on the pricey side but remember all the fun you had on your bean bag? You watched TV, played video games, talked on the phone, took naps... you can't put a price on that... until now. Just imagine all the great naps you can take under the sun on this thing.

There are other bean bag-type floats for cheaper but none that look as cozy (and throwback) as the Kai Seat Lounge.

Happy floating!

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