Today is National Tell a Story Day, so we decided that we were going to let the Click of Six put together a story one sentence at a time and then read it on the air.  We got a ton of submissions to sift through, but because of time constraints, and to make the story actually make a little bit of sense, we had to pick and choose our favorites.  So, here is the story read by Fish in his "story-telling" voice.

And, if you want to read the story to one of your kids or loved ones, here is the transcript from the story:

Once upon a time, during balloon animals,
I took a ride through the country side...when
I walked into porkies roadhouse and saw
a hot dog singing in a shower,
a young lad named Fish who liked to play with his monkey.
I was surprised because he was only wearing a g-string.
As fish was cuddling Steve in his arms cooing at him.
Then I saw a man sitting by his fire pit, flames bright and hot with a drink in his one hand and a knife in the other.
Before my mistress could leave, my wife came in with a fire in her eyes and we knew then...
With what he considered a "dainty" leap, she savagely roundhouse kicked him in the face!
My balloons jiggled with excitement and anticipation upon what I just witnessed!
13 squirrels formed a union.
We ordered a pizza.
Deep dish loaded with everything.
Don’t forget Steve!

Do you have a story to share for National Tell a Story Day?  Post it in the comments!

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