If you are new to the show or are sometimes confused with different euphemisms that we use on the show, then this Connie and Fish Dictionary is for you!  The dictionary will be a work in progress so we will be adding to it as we add new Connie and Fish words to our vocabulary.  And if you hear us say something new, feel free to send us a message about including it in our dictionary!

Astronomist – A scientist who studies the stars (an astronomer).

Balloon Animals – Sex.
Bouche – Our way of saying douche.
Brothers and Sisters of Salt – Snowplow people.
Brother in Pain – A man.

Click of 6 – The 6 people that listen to the show.
C.O.S.H. – Click of 6 HELP.

Diaphragm – A diagram.

Flipples – Fish's nipples (also nipples that point to the sides and live in the armpit).
Frog – F*ck.

Hamburger! – A term of agreement (i.e. awesome, great, or fantastic!)

Joyce – That annoying co-worker of yours.

Manscaping – When two guys get together and hang out to escape their wives.

Rando Texto – A random text message that we receive from a listener.
Roll Dice – When a man “gets off” on something.

Sciencefer – A Scientist, Fish just doesn't know how to speak.
Sister with a Brain – A woman.
State of the Relationship – A talk Connie has with her husband from time to time to make sure everyone is still happy.
Stute – Lady of the night.

Warning pig – Something naughty is coming