Today on the show we asked people to text in their nicknames for their significant others.  We got a text from a guy named Subway Steve that said he used to call his significant other, Pinky.  Since he said "used to" we asked him to elaborate.  That's when he told us how they recently broke up and he misses Pinky very much.

Well, as luck would have it, Pinky was also a member of the clique of six.  She decided to text in and say that he was a really good guy and then sent some photos of them together (we will not be posting the photos).

After that happened, we asked for them both to call in so we could all work through their breakup together.  Because, nothing like sorting out relationship problems live on the radio, right?

Steve ended up calling in and talked a little bit about their relationship and their breakup.  Sadly, Pinky never called in to give her side of the story.  We talked to Steve for almost 15 minutes and he ended the conversation with a heartbreaking message for Pinky.

You can listen to the entire story below.

Will Subway Steve and Pinky get back together or is their love lost forever?  And will we ever get closure on this epic love story, or will we never hear from them again?  Only time will tell.