As I sat eating my chicken fingers for lunch this afternoon, chatting with my friend Luke and occasionally looking up at the TV screen, a headline caught my eye.

"Police Accused of Harassing Latinos - Mayor's remedy: eat tacos". Mostly I thought to myself, "Ummm... What?" But, I also thought to myself, being the avid social-meidia-ist that I am, "I have to get a picture of that headline so I can post it on Facebook. And Twitter. And email it to everyone I know."

Well, the result is what could, possibly, be the funniest CNN screen capture ever.

The headline, in and of itself is pretty amusing, but when you pair it with the look on the reporter's face (which I caught totally by accident), it makes the whole thing ten times funnier.

The subject matter that the headline pertains to isn't quite as amusing. Except for the fact that this mayor is clearly an idiot.