We got a little bit silly with Friday's #TQOTD. Since we've all talked about not showering often since the stay at home order was issued, we wanted to know what the grossest part of your body was.

Fill in the BLANK: The grossest part of my body is BLANK

  • My feet. They're huge and I have tingers on them.
  • The bottom of my feet....they are like leather. Living here in Florida I only wear flip flops or walk bare footed and can walk on almost anything...and yes I keep my feet clean.
  • Feet. Everyone's feet are gross!!! That's why I tip so well for pedicures!!
  • My toes... I've always hated my toes. One of them is longer than the other and they are all callused which I don't like
  • My elbows. They are so dry and rough from me leaning them on the desk all the time.....
  • Head to toes ~ it’s all gross. And getting worse thanks to being ordered to stay home ‍♀️
  • Head to knees...I miss being young and fit. After 4 weeks self quarantine, probably my liver. Oh nooooooo , nope, not playing that game. No, no, no. Big toe....it is just a No
  • My mind.
  • My feet. Bunions. I hate them.
  • My mind!!
  • Turkey Waddle
  • All of it
  • Grossest part of my body would probably be my jeans because I spent some corona in them last night
  • My belly button
  • My face is breaking out right now But probably the grossest is my hair It is SO GREASY! It doesn't LOOK awful in braids though so... that's what I'm rocking ‍♀️
  • Belly button. Belly buttons are DISGUSTING AND POINTLESS. The grossest part of my body is all my extra skin. I lost 130 pounds in a year and I’m left with a consistent reminder. I don’t hate it but it brings me down sometimes. Otherwise I love my entire body.
  • Oh man, my grossest part of my body right now is my stomach. I've definitely packed on the pounds since this whole Quarantine started and it's a little fluffy. Why couldn't I be quarantined at planet fitness?
  • My hair is too long n dirty. My toe nails are too long. I've been cooped up too long!!!
  • Hey guys the grossest part of my body is my hands. Now i know that sounds bad, but i am a nurse at spectrum and all the hand washing and sanitizing I am doing is drying my hands out a lot. That doesn’t sound bad but the worse part is I am a nail picker (I constantly pick at them) so my nail bed is all little cuts from me picking at them, and then I sanitize over top of that. I need a Mani!
  • My body is pristine as always! But my sister has this nasty infected toe right now that would make you sick....
  • Hairy flipples
  • My grossest body part? Well, all I can say is after having four kids, you fill in that blank. Everything stretches, everything!!! Gone is the beautiful flower
  • My chin. I have an enlarged tongue as a symptom for my syndrome which, over the years, has given me an underbite. I could easily get that fixed with surgery but that's expensive unfortunately so now I'm stuck with a profile that makes me look like a villain.
  • My lady parts. Mine’s not gross like “ew you don’t shower”....it’s just.....there’s a sewage treatment plant next to the amusement park and doesn’t smell like lilacs 24/7. Gross.