AirBnB is a website that allows you to stay in people's homes for a nominal fee. I like to use it because it's usually cheaper than a hotel, and you can usually get a place real close to the event (wedding, etc.) you're going to attend.

In Grand Rapids, the average cost of an AirBnB room is around 80 bucks. But there is a place you can stay in GR that costs $1500/night. And it might actually be worth it. 

Nick has a 7000-square foot condo high atop the River House Condos at Bridgewater Place on Bridge St. NW. Since he lives in Miami, Nick is willing to let you stay at a his place for a cool $1500 per night. But bring 3 grand, because the minimum stay is two nights.

The condo offers sweeping views of the riverfront and almost all of Grand Rapids, and judging by these photos, if you have the money, it might be worth it.

I'm not sure what a suite at the Amway Grand costs, but chances are that the bedroom views it offers don't compare to this:


The dining room offers a sweeping view of downtown, with the added bonus of a spindly Santa doll hanging from the chandalier.


And the living room is not too shabby, either.

Here's a look at the master bedroom, which is pretty spacious.


I'm not sure I agree with his taste in dining room chairs, but if you can afford $1500/night, you can probably afford to bring your own chairs.


And you won't have to worry about other residents crowding you out at the gym, because the room has its own gym. Yup, for $1500 a night, that's ALL YOURS!!


You can book the room now at AirBNB. I'm pretty sure the waiting list is short.

By the way, the next highest price room in Grand Rapids on Air BNB is this one out in Alto, which goes for a little more affordable $499/night, and has three acres and a heated pool.

On the other end of the spectrum, this room goes for $20/night, which is a little more up my alley. But then again I'm a cheap bastard.