Steve and Intern Adam are both big fans of the old school "radio dramas" that used to play on the radio in the early 1900's, so they have been doing some of their own.  First, for Halloween they did their "Dramatic Recreation of the Salem Witch Trials", and for Adam's final project this semester he made "The Turkey Terminator" with help from Steve.

This audio drama is a bit over the top and tells the story of a dystopian future where a new world government has almost eradicated all the turkeys on the planet because of a worldwide Thanksgiving holiday.  The story follows a robot turkey sent back in time to stop Thanksgiving and save all of his turkey brothers and sisters.

If you liked this and the "Dramatic Recreation of the Salem Witch Trials", be sure to tune in again next year when Intern Adam comes back for another semester.  Steve and Adam are sure to come up with some more wacky stories for you to enjoy.