Pepsi Dance Trax was a teen dance show that aired early Sunday mornings on Fox-17 from late 1988 until early 1990.

Featuring local teenagers dancing and wearing the fashions and haircuts of the time (boy, did they!!), it was hosted by top 40 DJs from WGRD, WKLQ and 104.5 Sunny FM. The show was taped Saturday mornings at the old Club Eastbrook on 29th Street (now the Orbit Room).

These videos come from Jef Leppard's YouTube page and feature Steve Smith from WGRD and Danny Douglas from WKLQ.

I hosted at least two episodes when I was at Sunny FM and will get those up as soon as I find a VCR to copy them.

Jef interviewed Danny about the origins of the show on his Retro-GR page.

Enjoy these clips from the show, and maybe you can spot yourself.

This one is from February 1990.

And this one is from the Fall of 1989 and includes some GR TV commercials in addition to the dancing.

So, enjoy this trip back