Well… How does one start-off a blog post about the apocalypse?  No, I haven’t drank my potassium chloride laced grape kool-aid, nor am I “decked-out” in my best black sweatsuit with matching black sneakers, eating my phenobarbital/applesauce treat, although I may wash something else down with the vodka (see the Wikipedia story).   So what does the father of “Doomsday 1994″ have to say about “Doomsday 2011″, besides he “miscalculated 7 years ago”, lets look deeper into this dude’s mind…

Ahhh… let’s see.  There was the Tragedy in Jonestown in 1978 better known as “The Jonestown Massacre”, where the “People’s Temple” religious cult led by Jim Jones’ “End of the world prophecy” convinced over nine hundred people to eat a potassium chloride /applesauce leading to their death.


Then… who can forget the “Heaven’s Gate” religious cult of 1997?  These individuals truly believed that the earth was going to be recycled and their bodies were just vessels to be used till they could catch a ride on the spaceship with their alien friends located in the tail of the comet Hale-Bopp.  In their minds, they evacuated the planet earth with phenobarbital laced applesauce & pudding.  These fine folks even purchased alien abduction insurance to cover up to 50 members at a cost of $10,000!  The group did go out looking “spiffy”, with their matching black sweatsuits and matching black Nike sneakers.  Who’s to say, but I am guessing THEY were guessing that the aliens they were going to rendezvous with were the athletic type.  39 people died in that UFO based religion tragedy.  THIS story is also on Wikipedia, and is quite fascinating reading!

Now comes David Crosby of the First Baptist Church of New Orleans.  He made this same prediction of the world ending in 1994.  So, how did he explain away that one you may ask?  Well, of course he said “his calculations were a bit off”, YA DON’T SAY???  Now, the crafty Crosby is back, preaching that he now has the date correct.  THAT DAY IS TODAY AT 6:00pm!  (according to his website www.wecanknow.com).  I’m just curious how he is going to explain away this one when he wakes up tomorrow Sunday, May 21st?

Let’s just hope Mr. Crosby is a holy enough Baptist that doesn’t get too embarrassed and take the easy way out eating applesauce and washing it down with grape kool-aid!


NOTE:  Please, don't get me wrong.  I am not, and would NEVER knock anyone's religion or religious views.  But I just have a hard time believing God talks directly with people, telling them when the world is gonna end.  So far, how many have made these claims?  How many times has the world ended?

...just sayin'   ~Dano

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