We've all had them, and yes, they can be very embarrassing. The dreadful wardrobe malfunctions. If we're lucky enough we can catch them and make the adjustment before anyone notices, but chances are, that rarely is the case.

A study done by Wrangler.com found that more than half of us have experienced some type of wardrobe malfunction and 68% of us having to deal with it once to three times per year.

These are the 8 most common issues, and chances are you've had at least one of these things happen to you at some point.

  1. Broken zipper
  2. A muffin top with tight jeans
  3. Underwear that gives a wedgie
  4. Protruding potbelly stomach
  5. Your gut peeking out from the bottom of your shirt
  6. See-through clothing
  7. Split pants
  8. Wearing socks with sandals (I wouldn't necessarily consider this a "wardrobe malfunction" but rather a malfunction in your fashion sense... DON'T DO THIS!)

What was your embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?