What’s the oldest thing you own and still use?

  • 99 Jeep Wrangler, best car I've ever owned
  • I'm 25 and i've used the same blue jansport backpack since 5th grade
  • My 40 year old Legos! I'm now playing with them with my kids!
  • The appliances in my apartment. Pretty sure those things are from the 70s
  • One of those old brick ipods. Still works and sounds good! Probably from 2007.
  • A fridge - it's probably 25 years old
  • My grandfather's tools. They're mine now, and some date back to the 1930s. I have older ones from him too but I would risk using a 1920s brazing torch…
  • The VCR. We don't have DVR so we still record everything on tape.
  • Probably a bookshelf I helped my grandpa build when I was 4. It holds my dvd collection now.
  • My game boy color that I still use to play Pokemon. It’s probably from 1999!
  • The set of speakers my dad made in 1974. They're awesome, ugly but they still play well.
  • A rolling pin handmade by my great great great grandfather given to my great great grandmother on her wedding day. It has passed down eldest daughter to eldest daughter ever since…
  • A computer from 2009
  • Our mattress. Easily 20 years old, it works and new ones are inexplicably expensive.
  • My aunt gave me a Velcro wallet when I was really young and I still use it
  • The leather purse I bought myself for graduation in 1977
  • 1970s Oster Regency Kitchen Center and a microwave from the late 80's.
  • My microwave was made in the mid 90's and I still use it to this day.
  • An apron from my Gramma (dad's mom) and shawl from my Grandma (mom's mom)....also my first generation Kindle lol
  • Technically a coffee table that was built in the early 2000’s and a night stand that matches the table. And my body lol.
  • My husband?
  • We have a radio from the 1940s that belonged to my in-laws’ parents. Still works beautifully!
  • 1970 airstream camper & love it!!!
  • A can of McNess salve from the late 60's. Still works.
  • My grandma's kitchenaid cake mixer (in baby puke yellow).
  • Our house.. Built in '87. Still fixing all the things we find by accident...
  • My husband.
  • My smart ass mouth!
  • My ween
  • My great great grandma whisk stand for 1898 Use it almost every morning to beat eggs. I use my great grandmas China dishes, on special occasions only. My great great grandmas quilt. It's repaired but I cuddle with it in winter time they brought it over when they came over from Finland.
  • I wake up every day with the alarm clock my Mom bought me in 1981.
  • I just want to say the oldest thing on only is from 1954 66 years old and it's my body still works pretty good everyday but there are days I like to trade it in for a new one just glad this 1 still working hopefully it works another 40 years have a great day
  • The screw starter from 1940s, the mallet hammer from 1950s, wooden rolling pin from 1890s, hand crank cookie press from 1950s, Joy of Cooking cook book from 1902.
  • My grandmas recipe box with all her friends and her recipes and a stapler lol
  • I have a pour over coffee pot from the 1920s. Everyone makes fun of me but its the Best... Coffee...Ever!
  • For the TQOTD probably the oldest thing I own and still use is my makeup caboodle from high school. It's so ugly please don't judge! But I'm 53 and it still works fine so why get rid of it?! Lol. Have a great day!
  • Our house, it is 120 years old
  • My house. We have records back to 1842 but it was already built so we don’t know exactly when it was built. It’s a farm house that’s been remodeled and updated a few times but not too bad for almost 200 years old.
  • The oldest thing I own is my grandmothers Electrolux tank vacuum cleaner circa 1951. It works great!
  • My husband.
  • I have my Grandma's kitchen aid mixer & love to use it when I'm baking. I feel connected with her when I use it
  • My wife hehehe #hamburger #interntrever
  • I have a doll that I have had for over 15+ years that's my Soothe me doll and I use her for hugs
  • My yoga mat is about 20 years old. I take care of my stuff. It's now an outdoor mat, so it won't last too much longer.
  • My stand by buddy SONY VHS player vintage 1975 or my BIC turntable 1970
  • I've had my hair dryer since I was 17 and I'm 32 now. I still use it everyday
  • Connie and Fish, I have a sheet set and pillowcase from back when I was five years old (over 30 years) that has pictures of my kitty on it. Not my actual kitty… Just one that looks like him and I've kept it all this time and I still use the pillowcase
  • 1869 William Knabe upright grand piano. It needs the whole board rebuilt, but I don't care. My Granny taught me to play on it and her great aunt taught her. It's a beautiful thing to look at too!
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