Grand Rapids is lucky to have a pretty efficient and easy-to-deal with trash service offered by the city. As long as you follow the simple rules they provide between which day to place it out, which can you use, and making sure your account has money on it- it's pretty easy and stress free to get your trash picked up.

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In a recent post on their facebook page, the city of Grand Rapids gave everyone a gentle reminder: if we skipped your trash, there's probably a reason. So if you don't want the shade of being skipped on trash day, the city says you need to make sure you do all of these things:

Move your car: Is your car parked too close? They say a vehicle parked nearby might have blocked their trucks from reaching your cart. You are supposed to have a 3 foot area around your cans so they can come in and scoop them up.


Make sure your cart is out in time: Don't wait until the last second to put that trash out on the curb, or you might miss your turn. Go ahead, take it out the night before. You're allowed to have your cart on the curb for 24 hours in either direction of your pickup, so don't procrastinate.

Insufficient funds in your account: Make sure you have money in your account BEFORE trash day. Sometimes it takes time to process and you don't want to miss your pickup because you didn't pay your bill in time.

Is there a tag on your cart?: With services like recycling, there are rules about what you can and cannot put in your can. So, make sure you're following the rules closely- they have cameras on the trucks and are watching to make sure everything is going to the right place.

Is it a holiday week? Yes, even our awesome sanitation workers get holidays off work, so if your trash pickup day fell on a holiday, it's likely been pushed back a day. Don't panic!

So, if you think you were legitimately skipped after all of that, don't worry- accidents do happen. You can fill out a form to let them know. Also, here are some of the things that are against the rules to throw away no matter where you live in Michigan...

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