Grand Rapids has made recycling easier for Grand Rapids residents! If you still sort your recyclables, you're able to get a new cart for them, where you can just put everything in one container! It's called Single Stream Recycling, and it's available for current city recyclers.

You still follow the same procedure to prep your stuff for recycle, but you don't have to worry about using different bins, making sure you've got things in the right place, or hauling multiple bins out for pickup.

Everything goes into one cart, and the city will come get it and recycle it! Easy.

It doesn't cost anything extra, and almost everyone in the city is eligible.

If you're in a condo, you just have to check to make sure your condo has a contract to allow the city trucks onto the private property for pickup. If you're in an apartment complex, you aren't eligible, but can recycle through their private haulers if available.

For more information, visit the city's FAQ about the recycling program, and then you can stop sorting your trash!

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