What a great feeling it is to be missed when you've been gone all day. Especially by your family. Makes you feel loved and appreciated... wait...

This mother was hoping that after a long day of work her kids would be happy to see her. Oh, they were happy... just not for her. In the video, shown above, you see that as soon as mom arrives home her son starts hounding her about taking the iPad.



Then shortly afterwards, her young daughter excitedly comes running into the living room, waving her arms and panting, and screams "MOM!" Maybe she's happy mom is home. Nope. The little girl, wants the same thing. She can barely talk but she certainly knows how to say "iPad."

Poor Mom. All she wants is for her kids to be excited that she's home so they can spend time with HER. Not the iPad.

I'm sure all parents can relate to this.

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