A pediatric ophthalmic technician at Devos Children's Hospital has caused a stir with her anti-vaccine videos on Tik Tok. Devos Children's Hospital is making the vaccine mandatory for its employees after it receives FDA approval.

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This is not sitting well with Montana McCarthy who is bashing the vaccine and pushing back on the hospital. McCarthy said in the video,

My employer has mandated the vaccine. I have two options; I can get the (vaccine), or I can just pretend that I’m going to get pregnant within the next year.

Another Tik Tok user stitched the video vehemently disagreeing with McCarthy.

@smugnurse___Pil👁t: Open your eyes, Montana. ##covidkids ##mask ##vaccine ##opthalmic ##fypシ ##foryou ##dumpsterdiving♬ original sound - smugnurse__

The stitched video by smugnurse___has been viewed over 200 thousand times. Smugnurse___commented that a report has been sent to the HR department at DeVos Children's Hospital and that she's waiting to hear back from Spectrum Health.

Courtesy of Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

The original post by McCarthy has been deleted. She has also deleted her LinkedIn profile. Spectrum Health said in a statement,

All Spectrum Health team members are expected to follow our code of excellence, values and expectations for team member behavior. While team members are entitled to their own personal opinions, only posts published on Spectrum Health official accounts express the views and opinions of Spectrum Health.

Spectrum Health added that they are aware of the situation and are taking the matter very seriously. They were unable to either confirm or deny McCarthy’s employment status, saying it’s not their practice to discuss individual personnel matters. Smugnurse___ has posted many additional videos arguing her point. Here is one her latest featuring WOOD TV.

@smugnurse___ Reply to @smugnurse___ I don't bluff. ##fypシ ##wedidit ##fyp ##pilot ##dumpsterdiving ##dumpsterfire ##gameover ##checkmate ♬ original sound - smugnurse__

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