During the Thanksgiving holiday break, I was driving south of Flint, Michigan, when I saw something strange in the water while exiting I-75 that made me pull over.

There was a lot of traffic and it was raining as I was trying to cross the road to get a better look at something that was in a swamp that I have driven by several times.

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I noticed the object had not moved, then I took the picture that is shown above. I zoomed my phone in for the photo because the object was much further out than the picture shows.

After getting a better look at the photo, obviously, the object was a stick, but it made me wonder if any other Loch Ness Moster-type objects have been spotted in Michigan.

I found this video while researching the water monsters of Michigan. This video was taken in South Have of something coming out of the water and going across the south pier as seen below:

That eel-like object was caught on video during a storm, July 3, 2019, in the morning. It definitely wasn't a sturgeon. The pier is 35 feet across to give you an idea of just how big this creature was.

I found another story about Bessie, the Loch Ness Monster of Lake Erie. This story goes all the way back to 1793 when a captain of a boat was duck hunting through the shallows of Lake Erie's islands when he spots something in the water. The captain said an enormous serpent started thrashing near his boat. He reported the object is over 16 feet long and disappeared into the water before he could get a good look at it.

Bessie is also known as the "Great Snake of Lake Erie." Most of the reported sightings have occurred in the south bay area along the Ohio coast in the area the captain had his sighting.

Another creature that has been talked about for generations by the Iroquois tribe is Oniare ("own-yar-eh"). Oniare is the Mohawk word for snake. The story with this creature is that it is a horned dragon-like snake that breathes poison and fire that would capsize canoes and devour humans.

I did find a story about another monster that was spotted in Little Traverse Bay for several summers in the 1890s. It was called the sea serpent of Petoskey. In 1895 the mystery of the serpent was solved when a very crooked tree trunk that had been floating around the bay for years was discovered. Its shape and because it was black with slime gave the trunk a very serpent-like appearance.

So it wasn't just me who spotted a tree thinking it was something else in Michigan waters.

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