I'm not going to lie, I've already watched "Sharknado 2: The Second One" twice. My love for this series of campy shark/natural disaster movies is slightly troubling, but I just can't get enough of them.

When the movie debuted on Wednesday night, I had my DVR set and my phone fully charged. I was ready to live-tweet the awesome/terribleness of the latest installment. I must say, I wasn't disappointed. Check out my thoughts via my tweets below.

My first thought was that Kelly Osbourne didn't pull off the roll of a flight attendant very well, solely based on the violet hew of her hair.

I can't separate Ian Ziering the actor from "Steve" the character on "Beverly Hills 90210".

And I wasn't too jazzed about Tara Reid's weird noises in the first scene.

Really, though? Does it scare the sharks?

Then I discovered that "Sharknado" now has it's own ska-esque theme song.

And was surprised by the appearance of Dr. Billy Ray (and nurse Downtown Julie Brown).

I wrote some pretty awesome lyrics:

And invented some internal dialogue for the good doctor:

Then it was time for a commercial break.

And my boyfriend offered his thoughts on the movie so far:

Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray then made his appearance, so I wrote some more song lyrics:

Steve (or Fin, or whatever his name is) needed some shark-fighting supplies. I thought maybe he could find them at one of his old haunts.

And then we got to check out Biz Markie's sweet acting skills, and I wrote some more lyrics:

I thought about making the movie-watching experience into a drinking game, but then decided that may not be wise:

And then the chainsaws appeared.

I got a little nostalgic while they fought the sharks.

And had some real commentary on the romantic moments.

AND, there's another movie coming out this week that I absolutely MUST see.

Overall, I thought the movie was awesome. Was it campy? Yes. Was the acting terrible? Absolutely. But it was exactly what I was hoping for.

What did you think?