Forget Santa's naughty and nice list and just straight up tell us whether you've been a good or bad little boy or girl this year.

Were you naughty or nice this year and why?

  • Ummm, when did we have a chance to be naughty? Oh, yeah I am not a Karen so I was very nice this year
  • I was a good 50/50. That’s all one can ask for, right?
  • Both!?
  • Well I'm sure it depends on who you ask if I'm naughty or nice! I can be both
  • Too nice, but about to lose my $h!t any time now...
  • Naughty! Way more fun! Nice too though....
  • Yes. I was.
  • I was nice, I think. I wore a mask and made sure not to mingle with people for no reason. I think I deserve a cookie or something.
  • I've been naughty because I have been breaking covid restrictions
  • I'm going to be on Santa's nice list because I stayed home, wore a mask and ate my veggies.
  • I'm that guy who looks innocent but there are social norms I violate for the heck of it. So, both I guess
  • Naughty. I behave nice, but my mind doesn't. And I am aware that I can be a jerk sometimes without realising it.
  • I'm whatever the other person what's me to be. So, I guess that makes me naughty most of the time?
  • I dabble in both naughty and nice so I say I'm in between
  • I'm going to have to say naughty because I ballon animaled my neighbor. He's married.
  • I’m a nice person (but sometimes I have naughty thoughts! Hehehehe!) I donate to charity/church and help people whenever I can. I’m nice to people even if I really don’t like them. I’ve even done favors for my ex-husband and his new wife (who’s my best friend, they met after we were divorced). I was so nice this year, I’m buying myself a new tv and will donate my old one to someone who really can use it.
  • I've been nice- i'm usually very, very naughty (said in my best British accent), But it's been so hard with all this Covid crap!
  • I'm going to have to go with nice... I hate my gfs ex husband for a myriad of reasons. Their kids never see him, we live 5hrs from him and he doesn't drive. They are going to see him for Xmas, hes out of work and living alone in a crappy apartment. I took the kids to Walmart so they could pick out some gifts for him, helped them wrap them and write a nice card for him. I wouldn't care if this guy dropped off the planet but every time they talk to him on the phone or go see him the first thing they do is ask for stuff and I just put myself in his shoes. He probably won't wear the jacket they picked out and might not read the book, but I think its going to make his whole year to have them show up with gifts for him. Its something I did that I will never receive any thanks or credit for, or ever tell anyone in real life about, kids didn't even thank me when we got home from shopping.
  • I am a nice girl with a naughty side. I am substitute teacher, so I have to be nice during the week, but then I have an only fans account so I can be naughty on the weekend.

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