Not really the news you want to read as we know the weather is about to heat up once again, which means we'll want to be out more and so will the mosquitos.

According to Fox 17, the Kent County Health Department test pools of mosquitos around the county and found positive results in 5 of those zip codes which are: 49504, 49505, 49507,49519, 49525.

The good news(ish) is that only about 20% of those infected with the virus will feel any symptoms. Fox 17 reports that symptoms include:

headaches, joint pains, and fatigue. People rarely experience more severe illness that affects the central nervous system.

So no need to be scared, but a great reminder if you're outside from dusk till dawn, make sure you're using a repellent that has DEET in it, also maybe wear long sleeves after sunset?

Oh real quick, there is a rare mosquito-borne illness that has been found in three cases in Kalamazoo and Berrien Counties and has killed one person, and according to Fox 17, Health Department officials say it could have made it to West Michigan and be in Kent County as well. I'm sure we'll be fine... hand me the OFF!.

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