Everyone is bad at something and today is the day that you tell us what you are REALLY bad at.

What are you hilariously bad at?

  • Riding a bike
  • I know how just not good at it . After 30 years of not riding, my husband talked me into it. Road right into the trampoline and wedge the bike into the springs.
  • I was at a home and had trouble backing my tiny Chevy Cruze out of their driveway so I had a 16 year old kid do it for me...so, I’m BAD at driving in reverse.
  • Ice skating! I need a chair or a walker to skate behind to keep me from falling. Disgraceful. LOL!
  • Video games! Somehow during a racing game, my car ended up in the crowd and I hit a camel.
  • Home improvement work. In my defense, it seemed like you could use a screwdriver to hammer a nail.
  • Directions...please don’t use words such as north, south, east, west. No idea where that is.
  • Making popcorn. Burn it every time. Running joke with friends.
  • Parallel parking, using chop sticks and the unfortunate spelling. I have been told I was birn without the spelling gene it can be so bad. Lol this post was used using spell check!
  • I'm hilariously bad at athleeting. (It's a word!) I also can't whistle. I'm super bad at leaving well enough alone. I am horrible at not swearing....
  • Driving in video games, tried playing Grand theft auto once, kept crashing so I gave up and just ran around beating up people
  • The husband has this huge remote control....I have no clue how to use it!
  • Parallel parking. I don’t even attempt it anymore.
  • riding a bike...yep...last time I tried was 28 years ago and I fell over at a 4 way stop. LMAO
  • Throwing a frisbee...I just cannot do it.
  • Making toast!! And baking cookies. Seriously, I burn the toast EVERY time. Even if I am standing there. And I have no idea what I do wrong with the cookies. I can even screw up the place and bake ones!!!!
  • Whistling. Almost 35 and I still can't do it. My attempts are pathetic to watch too.
  • Ummm, people that really know me know I can not say the “F” word, you know “Fish” hehe. Unless I am Absolutely the worse MAD!!!! And then it still, I guess, sounds funny coming out of my mouth cause hubby and sister laugh at me
  • The American English Language. I passed all my German classes in high school though
  • Sparking up conversation with total strangers. It embarrasses my family, but I have always enjoyed it. My mom was the same way.
  • I can’t snap my fingers.
  • Never could no matter who showed me ‘the right way’ to do it.
  • Comforting people. They cry and I panic
  • Flipping eggs. I have a heck of a time.
  • Trying to light a lighter
  • Math!! Always have a calculator handy!
  • Whistling. Can’t do it. At all
  • Curl my fricken tongue
  • Winking
  • I cant make pizza dough to save my life..  
  • Everything that has a dang button, like the computer/ cell phone...
  • Choosing men
  • Whistling, parallel parking, cornhole.....lol!
  • Parking.
  • throwing a frisbee
  • Chopsticks!
  • Drawing. Oh my. Soo bad
  • Jumping
  • Dancing.
  • Singing
  • I can’t cook to save my life
  • I'm hilariously bad at keeping presents a secret. I instantly get excited about giving them a gift and want to tell them right away so they can be as excited as I am!!
  • Throwing with non dominant arm
  • I am hilariously bad at backing up vehicles pls don't ask me to ever back up your car lol
  • This is Magen Francisco's son, I'm hilariously bad at eating sushi according to my girlfriend, keep in mind it always gets where it's supposed to go but it's not pretty
  • #tqotd stringing words together to form a coherent sentence.
  • ? Of da day..... Iam so bad at speling, I mean spelling. Also luring. I can't keep a straight face
  • TQOTD: I asked my sister what I'm hilariously bad at because I wasn't sure. She said I can be hilariously bad ... at catching the obvious
  • I'm hilariously bad at walking in heels. Once told I looked like Bambi walking lol
  • Controlling my facial expressions.
  • Dad jokes
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