Wow, a lot of women claim to be extremely good at belching. Like so much so, they can belch louder than a large drunk man. Who knew?

What are you kind of embarrassed about being really good at?

  • Chatting it up with total strangers. I am a social intervert and absolutely love shooting the breeze with a total stranger. I'm notorious for this in the waiting line. My teens think I am the most embarrassing person ever. That being said, I have made some great friends I've the years doing this.
  • Belching.. For real. You would never suspect. My kids have tried the.. My mom can burp REALLY loud to people.. To which I do the dumbfounded look of.. What?? Me?? Milk burps... Epic!!
  • Plunging and unclogging drains
  • Falling asleep while trying to watch tv or movies!
  • Being able to watch the same movies in a week over and over again
  • Doing the Elaine.
  • I know everything about every and all Disney Princess
  • Eating more food than my husband
  • Falling asleep standing up?
  • Procrastinating
  • Out belching drunk men while sober
  • I really good at folding fitted sheets. People don’t like that.
  • Ballroom dance. I never took a class but I watched a ton of videos and it made sense. Comes in handy at weddings.
  • I can list every WWWF/WWF/WWE World Title reign in chronological order in history.
  • Stepmania (it's an old music game) - I can play almost all songs on keyboard near perfectly at
  • Making people laugh
  • Being lonely
  • Huge burps. Like super loud, super deep, rumblers. Started when I was a 15 year-old GIRL!
  • Having time just skip by. I'm doing school online right now and I have been having a lot of trouble even telling what day it is, months and weeks seem to just roll on by.
  • Downloading viruses and not on purpose even
  • I'm a dude and I'm really good at braiding and French braiding hair.
  • This doesn’t really count but I’m gifted with an exceptional sense of smell. Like, incredible. But don’t like to tell people because they act a lot different when they know I can smell right through them.
  • Being romantic. It comes natural I cant help but I say or do the right thing and to me it's just a small thing like I got some small tea candles and lined the hallway to the bedroom. It was like less than $5 My (ex) girlfriend came over, saw the candles and started crying telling me how hard her day had been and she didn't tell me because she didnt wanna ruin our weekend but I must have seen her texting differently and I just KNEW she needed cheering up. I had no idea. I just like candles and thought it would look cool. Actually her crying kind of killed the cool factor
  • Fitting an entire banana in my mouth. I used to do it because I liked to see how much of something I could finish in a bite. I could get a full-size banana into my mouth until there was about an inch left without having to squish anything. I'm a man.
  • I'm pretty damn good at drawing fluffy ponies...

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