We used to do a segment called “SECRETS” on the show back in the day. It’s like the Text Question of the Day but we were asking you to share Secrets with us. This is for sure one of my favorites. I believe we all hide a couple things here and there … maybe I am wrong. According to this I am not … HEHEHEHEHE

What are you secretly doing that your significant other doesn’t know about?

  • Nothing...at the moment.
  • I’m 100% an open book like Fish. No secrets.
  • All the preparation I do before he comes home. To always make sure things are perfect and taken care of. So when he’s home. He’s all mine and no chores
  • I tell him everything. Unless I buy stuff for the house lol.
  • Toss out food I have too long .He keeps yelling at me I cook too much food. Yikes can't help it.
  • Eating cookies and reading while he's out waxing the car. I told him my back hurts.
  • I can’t think of one thing I keep from my husband. I am someone that has a guilty conscience, so it’s just better for my relationship to not have secrets. He never gets angry either. I am a very lucky woman
  • Like I'm gonna tell you Seriously, I'm boring, lol.
  • Find stuff for our new house, although it is my separate savings account. He doesn’t appreciate nice things LOL.
  • Buying things for our upcoming wedding!
  • I'm attempting to plan a mini honeymoon after our wedding this October. We were hoping he could get a week off of work, but he won't be able to take a solid week off by then. Trying to work out a way to squeeze in a 4 day weekend.
  • Not anymore but many years ago I opened a checking account to put money in to pay bills because my then husband kept blowing through money. This was back when you got paper checks handed to you each week. I put mine in each week and had to be quick about getting money from him before he spent it. When he found out I had the account he wanted in on it, it was a disaster
  • Turning the back corner of my store into a boutique!
  • Trying to clean up his extra stuff he might of forgotten ? Jk nothing
  • Fun question! Wish I could keep a secret, he knows everything about me.
  • Buying cloth diapers got my own secret PayPal account too because he got annoyed of me using his
  • I have a little online shopping problem, so I don’t tell him about my purchases anymore. He doesn’t ask either We have our own separate accounts and it’s my money I’m spending anyway so it’s all good.
  • Getting him cans of tuna fish to take to work #keto
  • Trying to figure out what to do for his 50th birthday in July
  • My secret that my wife doesn't know I'm doing is, starting my own online business!
  • Putting extra money every month into our 401k
  • If I told ya it wouldn't be a secret.
  • I’m planning a surprise for her birthday! Biggest surprise ever! Otherwise my wife knows everything I do! I hold nothing from her
  • I Always plan bday parties, vacations ahead of time with my husband in the dark it's better that way, so at least someone is surprised lol
  • Stashing candy in my nightstand but recently I let the secret slip so I no longer hide it I openly eat my candy in bed. Definitely a guilty pleasure just before bed.
  • Shopping on Amazon and using my own PayPal hahaha have the stuff delivered to my work. Then secretly put it away, and later... much later... take it out and use it or wear it and act like I've had it a while or someone gave it to me.
  • We are binge watching survivor and I have looked up the winner every season lol
  • Discreetly change all toilet paper orientations to overhand. She’s been under-handing them for 21 years...

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