No friendship is perfect and that's why we want to know that crappy thing your friend to you.

What crappy thing did your best friend do … yet you are still friends with them?

  • My best friend who is a male sent me a balloon animal text ..he wasn't drunk.. but we're still friends but it's now somewhat awkward..
  • Nothing. My tolerance and understanding are high. So, if someone reaches "crappy" to the point of questioning the relationship, I'm just done
  • Promised to feed/take out my two dogs while I was gone for a week. Came home to a house full of dog poop and very weak, thirsty dogs. I have never been as angry as I was that day.
  • Helped my husband and sister plan a surprise 40th bday party...which I had specified many times to please not do.
  • Moved to another state!
  • Lied to me big time! .... dropped the "best" in front of "friend"....
  • Dated my then fiance while I was in basic training and tech school. I dumped him, then she dumped him after meeting and eventually marrying someone when SHE went to basic training and tech school
  • Married (now divorced) my abusive ex boyfriend, from high school.
  • Said a derogatory remark on Facebook about her job then played victim and still doesn't think she did anything wrong
  • I could go on for hours over stuff my friends have done. i’m too forgiving
  • What crappy thing did my friend do? When we were out celebrating me graduating nursing school.. she made me wait to go home because she was out humping some guy in her car.. Awkward friends now but def changed
  • TQOTD: I was sentenced to prison and my best friend of many years decided that the 34 months I was in prison he would not talk to me. He ignored my calls and never came to visit. I got out about 5 weeks ago and he's been here for me and associates with me like I was never gone. We aren't as close as we were but we are still close.
  • The night before my wedding, all of us girls stayed at the hotel near the wedding site. We went out for a drink, and instead of coming back to the hotel with me - my best friends stayed out all night with some guys, going to strip clubs etc.... AND they were late to hair and makeup the next morning. ‍♀️
  • #tqotd My "best" friend and her family moved across the country and didn't tell anyone until one of her kids let it slip that they were already at their new place for a couple weeks.
  • When we were in 6th grade we were asked to draw a map of the united states. She forgot to do it so she found mine in the stack, erased my name on it and wrote hers. ....the teacher caught it when she was grading them. ........still friends for going on 30 years though!
  • Dating a girl in college for a couple months and she decides that she wants to go to a party and I can't go because I have to work. She invites my best friend to that party and that night they end up having sex. They end up dating and getting engaged and he broke off the engagement one week before the wedding. But him and I are still best friends we are like brothers
  • My best friend did the same thing Steve's friend did. She too got to deal with his craziness. Needless to say this was quite a few years ago and we are still great friends and married to wonderful awesome guys....who knows whatever happened to dude haha
  • My best friend married my ax was very aqua worth but now we're all best friends including my wife lol
  • My best friend lied to me for a year to hide her affair. Fast forward 8 years, we are so much closer and tell each other everything with no shame.
  • So I'm an old man at age 28 and I go to bed early sometimes. My girlfriend and my best friend that currently lives with me decided to stay Up later than me and continue drinking. My best friend ended up making out with my girlfriend and try to get a hotel Room for the 2 of them. I didn't find out until about 6 months later. I'm still Friends with him. He still lives with me. And I am still with her and she also lives with me.
  • TQOTD: I have 2 - the first I was in middle school. My best friend growing up made plans with me to go roller skating. She set it up so after skating, a girl who didn’t like me showed up to beat me up. It was brutal. I remained friends with my best friend for several years after that. The second, I was a freshman in college and my roommate and one of my best friends knew a guy was dating me just to get laid. I really liked him and wasn’t one to put it out there easily - once he got what he wanted it was over. My friend had previously told our other roommate about the guy’s intentions. The night I got home after the deed was done, the third roommate told me what was going on hoping she had told me in time. The roommate who betrayed me and I were still in each other’s weddings (I was her MOH). Still friends now and she still denies the whole incident. I obviously have not had good luck with friends.
  • TQOFTD-my bf was screwing my friend for months. How I found out was she told me the whole truth about it. Not only are her and I still friends but I don't blame her at all because he lied to her the whole time he was screwing her. Told her he didn't have a gf.
  • She stopped talking to me after I wouldn't buy anything from her for her MLM. She eventually escaped the MLM and now we are friends, but not best friends anymore.
  • Rented an apartment together. Went off to basic training and kept funneling money to him to pay for my half of the rent. He decides to move out and doesn't let the landlord know. I get a $900 collections item added to my credit report. He eventually paid me back and apologized saying that he was in a really bad place at the time. It took me a while to fully forgive him, but we are back to being friends.
  • I lost 100 lbs. She didn't like that I was skinnier than her so she stopped talking to me. About a year later she called me and apologized and we are friends again.
  • He became a juggalo. I tried but couldn't do it. He grew out of it, and now we hang out again.
  • Well we were just having a conversation and she called me an acquaintance instead of best friend. I thought we were “best friends “ for 6 years until that day. So, I guess we are still friends...
  • She started dating an abusive dirtbag, told me I was a terrible friend for not supporting her, cut me out real quick. Sorry, but I'm not going to be okay with a close friend dating someone who treats them like literal garbage...sorry. After she finally ended it with the dbag, we started talking again but we aren't as good friends as we used to be. Glad she left him though.
  • I came out as bisexual. She stopped talking to me. About a year later she moved out of her religious parents house and all of a sudden she came out as a lesbian. Fastforward to now and we are DATING!!! #LESBIANS
  • #TQOTD my "best" friend ended up having an affair with my dad. My dad is married to my step mom. I went just over a month not talking to her. But I miss her friendship. So I guess we're still friends

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