It’s time for another Connie and Fish Flashback Friday! Today’s was from November 18, 2019 and is all about relationships and regrets.

What did you agree to in your relationship that you wish you could take back?

  • Not living anywhere that isn't near his family. Its not that I don't like his family, I just would like to experience living somewhere other than Michigan.
  • Nothing
  • The relationship part lol
  • To be in the relationship
  • TQOFTD-I agreed to marry him and I want to take it back
  • TQOTD: I agreed that I would do the dishes, because he said he HATED doing them. Huge mistake.
  • TQOTD: I can't believe we agreed to share a bed. Someone gets stinky at night!
  • TQOTD. I'm old school and balance a check register to the penny and account for debit card use. I regret adding my husband to my account because it makes balancing a nightmare.
  • After giving birth to our fourth child, I agreed to a tubal ligation. I wish I never did because I love kids and wished I had a few more.
  • For my ex and I, it was choosing to not communicate or work on our issues which caused our marriage to fail in the end. He lost out, I met a great guy and haven’t been treated better.
  • I don’t regret anything. We agreed 35 years ago that I would not work and stay home to raise our family. He traveled 5-6 days for work and we lived in the “hood” of GR. It was really tough, but it eventually paid off. We were able to put two kids through college, travel internationally and have no debt. We sacrificed a lot, but 35 years later we know it was worth it.
  • Deciding to take over the family dairy farm. Worst decision ever. We sold all the cows because of declining milk prices and are moving to beef but we rarely take a vacation and all of our money is wrapped into the farm. Literally the one thing we always argue about.
  • Marrying my second husband and moving to Kentucky. Thankfully I'm back home now for 9 years and close to family
  • I'm glad to be single
  • Letting my ex make payments on his computer under my credit card information. He never made payments on time, if at all, and my credit has suffered because of it. Thankfully I was able to get him off not too long ago
  • Building an addition onto our house instead of moving. 12 years later we still aren’t into it.
  • Me doing all of the laundry, ugh after 22+ years I'm over it!!!
  • Starting the relationship in the first place.....But really!
  • Not having kids, always thought I would have more than 1.
  • Apparently i agreed to not have another pet after my current ones died. My dog got killed 1 month later, and the same week my cat was diagnosed with a terminal disease.
  • That I... a Michigander... stop saying pop and call it soda.
  • Moving to another state.
  • Being in the relationship
  • Marriage in the first place. Bad idea.
  • Can't think of a thing!
  • TQOTD.. My husband agreed to let me go to college after I begged and pleaded that it would make our lives better financially. Wish I could take that back because now I'm in mounds of debt and I do not have a job with what I studied. Frogging debt, school schools be affordable, not debt sentence. There are days I wish I could take back saying, I do. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but there are day's when I wish we weren't together, cause he can be a total D.
  • TQOTD. I'm old school and balance a check register to the penny and account for debit card use. I regret adding my husband to my account because it makes balancing a nightmare.
  • What I agreed to that I wish I could take back, is sharing a bank account! If I knew I would be micromanaged for every penny spent, I would never of agreed to it. But I was young and dumb and thought it would be a great!! 🙄
  • Moving next door to my in-laws!!! Worst decision ever!!!
  • I agreed to meeting his family too soon. His mom was far less than welcoming and I wasn't in the best emotional place to deal with that at the time. It caused a lot of stress on our relationship that could have been avoided.
  • My husband and I agreed that we would always include one another when buying lotto tickets. Either we do it together or if one goes to get some them bring back some for the other. Which I think now is the stupidest thing I’ve ever agreed too. Sometimes momma wants to buy an oversized freezer drink with twenty bucks worth of lotto tickets and sit in my car binging on both without any guilt!
  • I wish I could take back my agreeing to be a swinger couple. And the joint checking acct...

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