Christine has a friend that is married with a secret account. The other day she got hair extensions and her husband actually thought they cost 400 because she spent the additional 300 from that account. Christine then started asking her friends if they hid things from their sig others and MOST if not ALL of them said yes.

What did you buy that your partner doesn’t know about?

  • He knows everything. He has to bring in all the amazon packages
  • Boooooooks. So many Kindle books. But since i buy them when they are on sale, I see it as a win but I usually pay for the myself
  • If I shared it here, he'd know about it. Nice try, Fish. Going to get me in trouble with these questions. LOL
  • Cheesecake and Reese's peanut butter cups
  • Air pods
  • Most of the clothes in my closet I buy them online and then pray they come during the week so I can get the mail before he does
  • Another cake pan
  • I bought a Blue Nose Pit puppy. She was 5 weeks old and the runt of the litter. She was so tiny, and slept on my chest. He was so mad! But he was cheating on me while I had cancer, surgery and went through recovery, so I needed a companion. He was still, at that time, cheatingNow? I buy Any darn thing I want!!! Because that pos is LONG GONE!!! But I still have my faithful loving dog who has been the greatest emotional support I’ve ever had! She’s even certified as such
  • Stuff from goodwill on my lunch break at times lol
  • Nothing, like, ever. Unless crap I have to buy regularly for the household, or groceries, count. He, on the other hand... well, he buys what he wants and I rarely find out unless he has it shipped to the house
  • Clothes
  • Ha that’s one of I have a tendency to buy baby chicks without telling him. But he tolerates all my animal shenanigans, so I’m good. So he knows about them, after the fact
  • The great things about being single! I can buy what I want and don’t have to hide it!
  • I don’t have a partner but my son has not found the stash of chocolate I have hidden.
  • Cars and motorcycles.. he finds out. But it's always a surprise.
  • Plenty ….nothing crazy so I’m not a horrible spouse
  • Ex never knew I bought a suv and computer closed out bank account after he lived out of state. Sold suv after divorce 😜
  • All the gift subs on twitch
  • Hahaha a lot of stuff!
  • Christmas presents for him… duh!
  • Nothing I can think of I tell him everything unless craft supplies. lol
  • 90% of everything I own, because we don't ask for permission from each other!!!
  • Well…I’m CERTAINLY not dumb enough to put that on Facebook….
  • Anything over $100, we let each other know that we are thinking about buying something and then discuss it. We never fight about money even when we've been dirt poor.
  • We pretty much go most places together....and maybe a candy bar. Lol
  • I don’t have to hide anything… married w separate bank accounts.
  • Trip to Disney
  • Everything, I hide it all in my storage unit.
  • Well I pretty much own Amazon by now, he knows nothing. LOL totally oblivious.
  • Someone’s rent for a year
  • 260+ houseplants he didn't know about till they came home (though many of those are still unknown, as it's a jungle now and easy to miss new stuff haha)
  • A boat and a Camaro SS
  • All my new horse tack! Horse supplements shoes, stuff for the kids, and half the Christmas shopping is done
  • I didn’t buy anything But I’ve been hiding money from him lol
  • An Alaskan cruise. It’s a surprise for our anniversary that’s the only reason he doesn’t know 😜 I even went as far as to use my parents credit card to keep this secret.

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