I remember when we all came up with this question. Sometimes a human mom or pet mom isn’t a good mommy. You guys shared some wild stories with us today that may make a lot of members of the Click of 6 feel better about oppsies or poopsies that happened to you last year:

What did you do in the last year that ensures you won’t be getting a “Mother of the Year” award?

  • I accidentally threw my sons laptop in the outside garbage can
  • Kicked my daughter out of my house & she had to get her own apartment, she is 22 yrs old!
  • My son is 3 so I lose this award daily. I won't let him wear winter boots in May, I won't let him watch cartoons all day and I make him wear clothes just to name a few... lol
  • Took the kids car away after the cops randomly showed up at our house with a video of him ‘racing.’ He decided he needed therapy because ‘his life was over if he couldn’t drive to see his friends.’
  • Asked my teen multiple times how they are doing?
  • Nothing. My kids think I am the Mother of the Year
  • I wouldn't let my 4 year old wear pants, a shirt, a sweatshirt and winter boots on a 80 degree day!
  • Accidentally gave my three year old two napkins instead of one.
  • What didn't I do? Lol
  • Stopped talking to my son because he is racist and cannot accept my bf of 14 years.
  • I often remind my daughter....that I brought her in this world & I can take her out. I’ve been telling her this for 50 years!
  • made my 11 year old go back to school when she had the choice to stay virtual and now she Has to change out of her pajamas and I get To work from home alone. #winning!
  • Hysterectomy
  • According to my teenage daughter...everything
  • Asked my kid and he let me think about which one. Well I say refusing to feed him on our hour drive to the hospital because he had appendicitis. Worse mom ever.
  • Left for a ten day vacation on my youngest daughters birthday
  • After a quarantine situation for school had ended I forgot that school started. A certain child may have missed some school.
  • Not having a kid
  • I socially distanced.
  • I kept leaving food down where my fur baby Charlie can reach it. Then get mad and yell at him even though it was totally my fault.
  • I often remind my daughter....that I brought her in this world & I can take her out. I’ve been telling her this for 50 years!
  • My 25 yo son moved out and I turned his bedroom into an office immediately...lol no take backs. Seriously miss him though
  • Am a stepmom... you know, not a Real mom
  • I don’t have kids and that’s a reward in itself.
  • Quit paying my 35 yr old daughter’s bills
  • I made my son pick up after himself!! OMG what was I thinking! Worst. Parent. ever.
  • My youngest is 17 and a pain in the ass. Apparently breathing near him is annoying.
  • No kids, thanks- but below is a list according to my various pets as to why I am not the pet-parent of the year: Why is the food bowl only full for that brief thirty seconds twice a day?! while clipping nails- why has thou forsaken me, mother? Every time you leave the house my life is over- and it's like you don't even care!
  • I have a teen Boy & a preteen girl. According to the girl, the fact that I'm breathing or in the same room. As for the boy if I take away his Hoodies I'm the worst Mom Ever! Have kids they say, it'll be fun they say! Who is "they" so I can have some words with them!! #Mamasloosinghermind!
  • I pick my kids up from school EVERY day at 3pm. One day my daughter called at 3:20 and wondered if I was coming. They haven’t let me live it down
  • This will go down in my friends and family history... I was on a Congress call during the shut down order. I gave my kids cupcakes for breakfast around my youngest’s bday in hopes they’d stay low key while I was on the video call. One was hopped up on sugar (clearly) and kept interrupting the call. I thought I was on mute and at my wits end, said “shut up and eat the f*c&ing cupcake”. I was NOT ON MUTE. This is so far from how I usually treat my girls. The Covid isolation with 2 littles at home got the best of me for sure. It gets a lot of laughs now!
  • Accidentally sent my kid in her pajamas to school after she asked me to make sure it was pajama day because she didn’t wanna be the only one in pajamas. Turns out it was actually picture day and she was in fact the only one in pajamas...

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