Dig deep and find a story from your past about when you might have gone over the deep end a little bit in an old relationship.

What did you do that made you “THE CRAZY EX”?
(EXAMPLE: Sitting outside an ex’s house is just a little bit of stalking)

  • Crazy is just a word that women get called when they are strong and want something better for themselves. I did just that. Call me crazy I guess!
  • When I was 19 I took the promise ring in my dads vise grip and smashed it and put it back in the box and drove to his house like a mad woman and threw the box at him and when the box hit him the ring flew out if the box and was lost in the yard, he had to rent a metal detector to find the ring which he then proceeded to cash in to buy a ring for his new girlfriend
  • Scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush. Then put it back in his travel case. Played darts with his picture taped to it. Don't cheat its that simple. 9 years is too long to be married for that crap to happen.
  • Stood up for myself.
  • Made a dummy dating acct to catch him cheating. And then dumped him twice, except he doesn't know that one was me.
  • I’ve never been the ex because I married the only guy I dated.
  • Absolutely nothing. Im perfect.
  • Oh. Not a proud moment. Took a bunch of pics with the two of us in them, cut him out of them, and taped them to his slider door - on a night I knew he was out with his new girlfriend.
  • Left a bad marriage and told the truth about him.
  • Refused to accept blame for things that didn't belong to me...its funny how fast that labels a body crazy
  • He was lying to me when we were going thru a separation about a girl that met us at the meadery we went to, it was messed up and she ended up taking his keys and playing dumb.. and he helped her get an eyelash out of her eye!? Wtf. Glad I’m done with his crazy
  • Confronted him about the fact that he blew me off last minute on my birthday...because Carrie Fisher had died and he said he needed to stay home and watch star wars movies with his roommate. I was also not invited to the movie marathon.
  • Got pregnant at 16 from a 20 year old tried everything to let him be a dad but in the end he didnt want to be a dad he just wanted the title to get other girls and say that I was the crazy one
  • I rode my bike 10 miles to his house after butt Phillip Jackson dumped me. I didn't have a car or a license.
  • Called him out on his cheating
  • Took my sister on a shopping spree with the joint account, started dating his best friend (been together 4 years now...), made him cat sit for me while I went on a 2 week vacation with his best friend, made him sell my chicken eggs and give me the money, called the husband of the woman he was sleeping with, messaged his coworkers and told them he was sleeping with the married woman in the same office..... Nothing really compared to what he did to me but still.....
  • For my boyfriend it’s very detrimental to have serious or funny conversations about that because he’s insecure and will take those conversations way too far
  • I dated her best friend was supposed to be just a hook up but we dated for 2 years lolopps
  • Back in the day before cell phones I shut off my ex. Lights , gas , cable ,phone Stop the mail told everyone he was moving lol I had. All the information I needed to do that Never found out it was me lol 1990
  • I had a crazy ex that sent flowers to my work for 3 anniversaries post-breakup and he sent a gift basket with apology letter TO MY PARENTS. Then his mom added my mom on Facebook to apologize for her sons behavior in our relationship.
  • My ex had security cameras in his house and I used to have access on my phone through the Nest app. We broke up amicably and that was one of the things we forgot about during the split and I “spied” on him for a good six months. I had even moved out of the state to Austin, Texas & I was still “spying” on him in Grand Rapids! Fairly entertaining, but really creepy looking back on it!!
  • I would randomly show up to my husbands door drunk and wanting some booty at 2am. He sometimes answered sometimes didn’t, he occasionally sent the hussy he was with out the back door so I could come through the front door. I’m sure his Aunt got a great few laughs with the camera on the front door from my drunk self banging on doors in the middle of the night.
  • My ex had a mutual friend with me. That mutual friend had feelings for him and me. Their friendship fell out and the friend blamed me. So he threatened me that he'd kill everything I loved in a voice message. So I responded back in text the same threats. He took all of those and sent them to all my friends, my bf and family. I was seen as crazy and I had no way to prove or show that he threatened me first.
  • There was a sequence of things. My boyfriend cheated on me pretty badly, so.... First, I unscrewed all the lightbulbs in his house and hid them, didn't smash them but hid them. Then, I took my cats full litter box and a gallon of expired milk and made a horrid concoction that My friends and I smeared all over his slider door / door handle. Because he had no lightbulbs, when he came home that night he couldn't see his door handle and grab the poopy milk. Then, I made a VERY detailed gay Craigslist ad with all of his information. Within an hour he had 40 Weiner pics sent to his phone by interested people... Now we're happily married.

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