After Connie got a pretty intense eye roll from her husband for packing an overnight bag just to stay a night in the basement where it was cooler, she wanted to know why other people get them.

What did you do to get an eye roll?

  • All I have to do is say hello to my 13 year old.
  • Asking my 17 yr old daughter in a loving tone "what's wrong my little chickadee?"... Did I say something unacceptable?
  • Puns. Really bad puns. 😃😁
  • Ask my 8 year old daughter a question when she is busy watching the IPad.
  • Told my 9 yr old he's cute. 😊
  • Enforced the rules of the company that I'm contracted to...😒
  • I have teenagers. Everything I say or do is eye roll worthy.
  • What didn't I do? The list is shorter!
  • Like, in the last hour? Or in general?....😆
  • Woke up and said good morning to my teenager and tween
  • Not wear a mask
  • What time? Have had many in my life time. Lol
  • spoke a dad joke.
  • Any and all dealings with a teenager
  • Talked to my teenagers
  • Told my kid a joke
  • Breathe lol
  • Being a parent, I get eye rolls everyday for virtually nothing.
  • It seems like anytime I ask a question at work I get an eye roll. (I just started a new job.)
  • Acting like an immature 13 year old
  • TQOTD: This didn't get an eye roll at me for something I did, but it got a BIG eye roll from me. I went on my first date two Saturdays ago after 3.5 years. The guy shows up slightly intoxicated and even apologized to me for slurrying his words! REALLY!! People...don't show up to a first date already intoxicated. You ARE NOT going to get a second one. Duh!! Lol 🙍
  • TQOTD: Last eyeroll, I get these constantly from hubby and sister for same thing, crying over the smallest things. A song, a story I am trying to retell, a show, commercial, MEME!! Whatever! I cry so easily these days it's ridiculous and apparently worthy of MANY Eye Rolls!!
  • Anytime I'm at work and I tell an employee "You look like you need something to do"
  • I got about a thousand eye rolls from my family because I used a bunch of the Dad Jokes you posted for Father's Day.
  • Whenever I complain about not having a boyfriend to my friends because I never go out or attempt to get one. Whoops
  • My friends have been giving me eye rolls about not wearing a mask when I go grocery shopping.
  • I get an eye roll every time I tell my man how sexy he is. So daily... Lol
  • Lets see... everything i say to my gf i get the eye roll 👀
  • TQOTD: My sister rolls her eyes at me when we swim in the pool because I almost do as much skimming to get the bugs out as swimming.
  • We have company phones provided by our employer when we’re on job sights. It’s an old style flip phone. I know you have to flip it open to answer it, but it was already open when the phone rang. I didn’t know how to answer it. I still don’t.
  • I had a freak out going through the car wash and stated that my biggest fear had happened the belt stopped and I was stuck sitting there thinking wth is the number for this place I need help. I told the story and my future son in law was like omg did you think the workers didn't know this as he rolled his eyes

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