OK, you've all grown up and probably don't babysit anymore, but we know that you got into some trouble when you used to. So, it's time to spill the beans.

What did you get away with while babysitting?

  • Pretty much everything I didn’t get away with at home! Having my boyfriend over, eating junk food my parents wouldn’t buy, staying up late, Talking on the phone for more than 15 minutes at a time (I guess I just aged myself since when I babysat we actually used the telephone)
  • Watching R rated movies. BTW, I absolutely hated to babysit (my parents made me do it).
  • Parents said NO TV and it was an all day gig. They had a radio with tv channels on it so the oldest and I would listen to Days of Our Lives.
  • Hated babysitting ....so I didn’t get away with much ??????
  • Balloon animals ???????
  • Smoking.
  • I did most of my babysitting for my sisters, so they didn't care because they were too busy at the bar
  • TQOTD: I babysat for a family every Tuesday and Thursday night years ago. The family did not own a television NOT ONE TV in the house and they had four kids!!! Their mom didn't want the kids to watch tv at all. I would sneak my bedroom tv into their house every Thursday so I could watch Friends. The kids loved me.
  • I got away with drinking out of the liquor cabinet and never got caught
  • Not my proudest moment but my babysitter, the hot next door girl, fell asleep and I copped a feel
  • Might be at the top with this story.... When I was 14 I was snooping and opened a large dresser drawer and found it stuffed full of marijuana. I had only seen it watching cheech and Chong. I called my best friend (she is still my best bud 35 yrs later) and she told me I have to take some. I had no clue what I was doing. I grabbed a large ziploc bag and packed it full! Then my friend told me to buy z papers, roll one up with no seeds and bring it over. We went in the shed and smoked the cigar size joint ( I had licked 4 papers together because I was clueless!!! Never got caught but they called me out on it and I just denied it. I never babysat again for them and they quickly sold their house and left the neighborhood. Always wondered what I stumbled upon!
  • TQOTD. Man, I wish I had some hilarious, over-the-top story about babysitting but I watched my niece and nephew who are 10 and 13 years younger than me. My sister was awesome and left the keys to the car, money for pizza.
  • I sooo missed the TQOTD... I was the babysitter and got away w skinny dipping on the regular as a teenager!
  • My parents were gone for the weekend and the babysitter slept over all weekend and she ended up watching a scary movie and came in to my bedroom and you know what happens after that sex
  • Text question of the day. I actually hired a babysitter to babysit for me at her house and had a house party at my house.how fishing epic is that.and yes I got caught but was well worth it lol. Hamburger
  • They would let me bring my best friend which was a girl but we were the best friends with benefits just saying Glorious
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