Dig deep into your memory and think about that thing you let you friend borrow in high school. Did you ever get it back? Bet you regret it...

What did you give someone that you regretted?

  • My time. Objects are replaceable. I will always be willing to give the shirt off my back, but not so willing to give you my time.
  • My talents. Did photos for a friend's wedding and they were being ungrateful and impatient about getting them that i took longer out of spite. Lost that friend but there are worse things.
  • My virginity! My time. My energy. He was not worthy of any of it
  • Gave my rocking horse my grandfather made to someone to fix it and never got it back.
  • My hand in marriage ‍♀️
  • Auotographed photo of the Boss (that's Bruce Springsteen, for those who don't know)
  • My love
  • Gave our son and now his soon to be ex-wife security deposit money for an apartment that we will never get back. Needless to say she trashed the apartment
  • I regret giving my sister my baby blanket. When she was a baby, my blanket was the only one that would keep her calm and stop her from crying. I tried giving her other blankets because I wanted to keep mine but didnt work out that way. I was upset for awhile but I'm over it now!! Lol
  • TQotD.... My ex and I had been kicking around the idea of buying one of those fancy electric toothbrushes.... He's out black Friday shopping and finds one that's on sale at Costco... Snaps a pic and sends it to me... Hey, it's prime Christmas shopping time and he didn't buy it while he was out.... So, my dumbass takes it as a hint of a desired Christmas gift... Worst 150 bucks I've ever spent... I heard about that for years…
  • Ex a wedding ring...LOL
  • TQOTD: I regret giving some college classmates my number, even though they haven't miss-used it. It was for homework/projects, and they didn't seem like bad people... I just feel weird about how they COULD randomly message me even though none of us are that close.
  • A guitar my mom bought me for Christmas in 2000...
  • A 25 thousand dollar pokemon card. I wanted to actually die. It was a Charizard 1st Edition. Could've paid for college man.
  • I gave a girl I used to like in college a shirt of her favorite band for her birthday. It cost about 50 bucks and it was my last 50 bucks at the time so I was broke. That was three years ago and now we don’t talk anymore.
  • My nudes
  • My Wii and all the accessories and games I had for it. I would have been playing that so much now during quarantine...
  • My favorite hoodie
  • My monster high dolls. I was a lonely and insecure kid and my dolls really filled the gap. They had such cool designs too. Recently found out that they remade the dolls to not look as "scary" and then discontinued the line.
  • My time. Missing fun times for lousy jobs
  • My nerf longstrike. I had no idea it would be worth a couple hundred dollars now.
  • Text Question of the Day: one of my favorite books. Connie and Fish I was dating this guy who I had quite a bit in common with including reading. So I gave him a book I REALLY loved! I've ready A LOT of books so that's a high distinction. Anyway we traded books and then pretty much just stopped talking. So this guy has my favorite book that I wrote in the margins of and I'll never see it again! ‍♀️ by the way the book he traded to me was boring as hell I never even finished it.
  • ? Of dah day..... hmmmmm A nice lacy pair of granny panties that went all the way up to my chin. Lol j/ k.
  • A fried chicken plushie.

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