Morning family. It’s Fish with a funny story about friends. Based off of the story that #SophiaVergara from #ModernFamily recently released it started a massive in studio debate this morning. Apparently, she talked #JulieBowen into getting off of the #GrannyPanty train and stepping into #Thongs. Sophia just kept buying her some until she just got hooked.

What did you talk a friend into doing???

  • I convinced my friend to go to the strip club for his bachelor. His wife found out three days later and he ended up staying at his parent's house for a few days because she was completely against strippers. She believed that that was considered as cheating due to the strippers being topless and receiving a lap dance.
  • Growing up living on the edge of town on a farm. I would talk the city kids into peeing on the Electric Fence. Lol
  • Talked my best friend into marrying me. (In Steve's creepy voice)
  • I convinced my friend to date, someone
  • I didn't talk but my friends talked me into shaving my eyebrows in high school. They said they would do it if I did it. Yeah, they didn't do it!!
  • Talked my best friend at the time into smoking a cigarette with me when we were 18. 22 years later she still smokes and I have long since quit. I feel really bad about that.
  • My family has the tradition on Thanksgiving morning to run the Turkey Trot in Detroit. When I started dating my boyfriend, I asked if he wanted to come home for Thanksgiving with me. I held it off to the last minute to tell him that he had to run a 5k in the morning with us 😂 but now he's done it for the past two years with my family, and he actually thinks it's fun!!!
  • When we were kids my sister and I made our youngest sister eat a slug 😂 #No regrets
  • I talked my boyfriend into buying a house. Neither of us regret it. Our mortgage/bills is less than our rent was!
  • When my sister was about to enter high school, I convinced her to try marching band for her elective. Took some effort because she thought it would be "nerdy".
  • She loved it so much she's graduating from a music college in 2 weeks to be a high school band teacher!
  • I’ve convinced my friends to put grapes up his nose and they got stuck
  • My older brother convinced me to pee on an electric fence too! Not a nice experience! Luckily, it didn't stunt growth. Lol
  • Stealing lipstick for me from Meijer. I still have the lipstick because I swore I was going to bring it back and never did. 😬
  • I swallowed a Nightcrawler to make my oldest daughter and her friends cry! My lord of getting old I was 20 years ago
  • Talked my best friend into tattooing her eyeliner on. She won't even get a regular tat
  • I convinced my best friend, who has been a vegetarian her entire life, to try a Yesterdog. She will deny that she tried it to this day, but she completely devoured two of them!
  • Have sex with me
  • When I was younger than my cousin convinced me that if I didn't duck my head when I went underneath the bridge was going to chop my head off and then I had another cousin of mine convinced me that hot dogs were pigs manly parts