Have you ever tried something that you thought was going to be easy and then failed miserably? If so, tell us all about it for today's #TQOTD.

What did you think was easy until you tried it???

  • Making my Mother in Laws butter cookies. Hers melt in your mouth and mine are like hockey pucks. I can bake everything else perfect, but not those damn cookies.
  • Using Clorox wipes to wipe down every single item bought at the grocery store for the past 6.5 months (groceries for a family of 6 and a mother-in-law).
  • The sport of swimming
  • A ninja course at a trampoline park
  • Cartwheels. 45 years old and I never could learn how.
  • Using a Ripstick. I have been trying for 7 stinking years.
  • Parenting!! Have kids they say...it will be fun they say...no one ever warned about the preteen/teenage years! I would take the baby & toddler days any time!
  • Every single workout at Fit Body Boot Camp.......
  • Parenting/being a mom, adulting... I don’t wanna anymore!
  • Swimming drunk. Nearly drowned, they had to throw me a floaty.
  • Adulting/Parenting, I'm over it!!!
  • Making good homemade mac and cheese
  • Stand up paddleboarding.
  • Parenting, oh, and planking
  • Trying to be positive every day
  • Having a newborn. I really thought I would have more time and more sleep...
  • Being a parent for sure! Everyone who said that, you’re doing great!!!!
  • All of those darn TikTok dances... dang shuffle... haha
  • Parenting these teen boys during a fricken pandemic while they do virtual school 3 days a week FAILING
  • Driving stick shift.
  • Skiing
  • Being a grownup
  • Elliptical
  • Being a parent
  • Ha ha, ice skating
  • Paying off old debt
  • Quitting smoking
  • Being an adult.
  • Being a mother
  • Being a mom.
  • Adulting
  • Marriage
  • Waking up
  • Parenting
  • TQOTD - being an adult! Ha!
  • OCR races I thought it would be easy and it's not. I've done the Spartan 4 times and many other military races. They are def. Not easy.
  • Text Question: Zip-lining in Alaska. When they say that you need to be 60 inches tall, they say nothing about arm length. If you have short arms it makes it almost impossible to brake to stop yourself. They did not brake for you. You had to do it yourself. Without long arms you almost cannot reach the line to break.
  • Paddle boarding
  • Having kids!!
  • My husband said he tried giving himself stitches. For me, though, recreating my grandmas sugar cookie recipe. She had it written down but there's a certain way they came out that my cousins always remember. I'm the only one who has been able to get it right but it took so many tries and tweaks to get there.
  • Peeing standing up. It’s. It isnt’ as easy for girls as you would think! Or at least not as neat...
  • Something I thought was super easy until I tried it? Easy. Steve’s mom.

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