Fish and his wife stopped by our house yesterday to pick up a table that they let us borrow for our garage sale. Of course, we ended up chit chatting about this and that and got to talking about different jobs we've had in our lives.

Each of us has had a job where our boss made us do something that we, really, DID NOT WANT TO DO.

The question then becomes, is it a deal breaker? Do you just shut up, roll your eyes and DO IT? Or, is it that much of a deal-breaking request, that you end your employment there???

It was VERY interesting today, to see just how many people chose to end their employment with that company...

What did your management make you do that you didn’t agree with?

  • Apply an Icy Hot Patch to her backside. I worked for a wholesale company in the office that was family owned and the owners were in their late 80s and she was having some sort of back pain. She asked me to come to the bathroom with her to put this Icy Hot Patch on her back. Much to my surprise her idea of me putting the Icy Hot Patch on her and my idea was much different LOL. My boss dropped her pants right in front of me with her back turned to me and wanted me to apply the Icy Hot Patch. I realize she meant no harm in it and it was just something that was hilariously funny. I'm sure you can all imagine the things my coworker said and the things we joked about. She was a sweet little old lady who is also quite the Spitfire. She stood all of about 4 foot 5 inches. She passed away about 2 years ago this is one of the funniest memories I have of her LOL
  • When I was 15 I worked at a fast food restaurant and my manager was 21. He saw some people from high school that he hated so he spit on their sandwiches and made me serve them. He threatened to fire me if I didn't. I quit a week later and have never been back to that place since.
  • I worked as lower management at one of the big box retail stores for almost 5 years. We were expected to reward the cashiers who signed people up for store credit cards even if they were late all the time and were a horrible employee in all other aspects. If you were a great employee but you were not good at signing people up for credit cards, we were expected to reprimand them. This was one of the main reasons that I wound up leaving that job. I do not agree with it
  • During my yearly review, my boss asked me who I would like to throw under the bus! I knew at that point I could never trust him again.
  • Well, let me tell u a good one. My boss was having balloon animals in the backroom of our grocery store with a married man. when I figured it out she begged me not to tell. so I didn't but it kept happening. So I threaten her with telling the owner. Needless to say, she started nitpicking all my work and writing me up for things that were out of my control till she got me fired. I wanted to tell them but I'm a woman of my word..besides they probably wouldn't have believed me thinking I was just trying to get her in trouble..friends tell me she is still doing it. I guess she's a freak or something...
  • They repeatedly tried to make me drink more than I was comfortable with so I quit 😎
  • Not a funny story but I worked for a local news station as a videographer. During the Jessica disappearance, I had to shoot the gas station in Norton Shores. No big deal, it's public property you can shoot anything. Not management but the reporter/anchor made me go on the property and into the gas station stating that if we say we are rolling as we walk in we are allowed to. Um, no. That is unethical.
  • We were told by the gas station to stay away yet we barged in and got the owner yelling at us to get out. They want that shock video. I do not. I fix bikes now. (Went to CMU too, broadcasting, fire up chips).
  • He has me punch him in, most weeks it's 3 out of the 5 days. What ticks me off is I've watched him write people up for the same thing!
  • My boss has us give residents meds that have yet prescribed... Also, we count narc pills but never count the liquid morphine..... Fed up
  • I don’t like my work Makes us soft pull* peoples credit and then turn away their business by talking them out of our product
  • I worked at a Deli. A couple yrs back when we had the tornado we lost power for 6+ hrs. My manager wanted us to still sell the meat and cheese even though it had been out the whole time! (We secretly threw all the stuff away when he wasn't around)
  • At 19, 20 years ago, I was working at a fast food restaurant and we were slammed. The customer ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with extra extra mayo. When I put the chicken on the bread/mayo the meat slid off and hit the floor. It was the last one but I had more cooking. I naturally was in the act of throwing it away and my supervisor asked, "what are you doing?!" I was like, it fell on the floor, I'm throwing it away. She responded with, "we don't have time for that!" I just stared at her for a moment, and responded with, "yes we do." Looked her in the eyes, and threw it away. She told me she was going to report this to our general manager and I said okay, go right ahead. A few days went by and our general manager called me into her office. I hadn't worked in a couple days and put the incident out of my mind so I was completely taken off guard when she said, "she is your supervisor, you should have listened to her. There was no making me do it. Period.
  • My boss made me fire my best friend. She was a single mom which made it harder to do
  • I was asked to clean 14ft ceilings in a factory where I was not given the tools to clean it except a ladder I wasn't allowed to use for liability reasons.
    I had an old manager ask me sort and pick out some glass lens out of a box of broken lenses! I told him NO that is a safety hazard! Thank god My boss was there and he agreed with me 😁
  • The management always tries to make me stay awake at work, but I have to be strong and fight for what I believe in. Naptime.
  • I had to call the Sec. of State and pretend like I was my boss to take care of her car registration situation
  • I worked public relations for a company that made after-market, add-on reversing cameras for cars before they came as standard equipment. It was my job to track news articles regarding parents accidentally backing over their own children in their driveways. After a doctor in NY accidentally backed over his toddler and killed him, I was tasked with calling the doctor and offering him a free reversing camera. The doc had been doing news interviews and was quite vocal about bringing awareness. The idea was to hopefully get a free mention of our product on national news. "Hey, Doc. So you don't accidentally back over and kill your other kids, I have an offer for you!". Seriously no good way to broach this. I did it, and the doc had our camera installed. Worst phone call ever!
  • I had to sign a write-up form because I threatened to take somebody to court that was a customer of our company and got yelled at for it even though I was completely in the right
  • I brought my car to a mechanic shop to get my car looked at only they put a fuse killed my whole wiring system in my car and then expected me to pay for it when I threatened to take them to court if they did not fix my car to the way that it was when I drove it in my they went to my bosses and then I got wrote up because they were a customer of ours
  • QOTD: My boss made me promote two of my weakest, laziest, whiniest employees right on the spot and then complained cause I didn't look excited when I gave them the promotion
  • My manager asked one of my coworkers to help her get me fired. It didn't work and I only found out from my friend after a few cocktails years down the road.
  • Hey, it's Jessy! Management made me quit my job because I was dating her. (Kay was my manager and my girlfriend)
  • At one of my old jobs, my boss loved to prank new employees. Working in the kitchen at the options for pranks were endless. Anything from telling someone to find a left-handed spatula to counting pieces of ice in the pop machine. Lol It ended up causing multiple people to quit
  • I worked at a bank. A nursing home dropped off a deposit that included cash that was underneath the mattress that had been urinated on by a resident. I was told that I needed to take the deposit and wash all of the cash in the back room. it was disgusting I felt like I was going to vomit every two seconds
  • I used to work at a store when I was 17 and somebody number 2’d the wall in the bathroom. Take a guess who had to clean it with a water bottle a mop... Keep in mind I was a minor and I think employers aren't allowed to let you handle hazardous materials
  • I worked for an insurance agency. They did mostly contract work landscapers and snow plow guys things like that. A driver for one of the companies hit a gas station and then went on to hit several parked cars at a deli. They did not have coverage for the day of the accident. The agent I work for asked me to backdate the policy so they had insurance for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage this guy cost. I left very shortly after that
  • I used to work part-time as a seamstress and my manager every Wednesday would come around and ask for prayer requests and on Thursday after lunch, they would have a prayer group. I always participated in their quote-unquote prayer group but I never gave them any prayer requests. My manager pulled me aside one day and told me that I was not going to get hired in because I "isolate" myself. I told my manager that I was there to earn a living not to go to church. I'm a Christian woman but I don't believe in mixing church with work. I'm glad they didn't hire me in because now I have a great job that I love.
  • An old boss of mine was so cheap. Our office was so busy that he would encourage us to have dinner meetings after hours off the clock. He said because the food was expensed that he couldn't pay us an hourly wage
  • When I was 16 I worked on a horse farm. And they wanted me to hold the sleeve that went over the horse's junk to capture their semen. Long story short, I refuse LOL
  • 20 years ago I worked for a pharmaceutical company. Every message is/was highly regulated by the FDA. Our local boss wanted us to create our own visuals making off-label claims. She graded us down on our performance reviews if we did not use the homemade visual aids. Our entire geo team reported it to HR. She was moved to a nonmanagement position. Several of the employees were terminated during the investigation even though they were only whistle-blowers
    I worked for AcceptanceNow, a branch of Rent-A-Center. When a customer was late on their bill, even by a day, we were required to call them twice a day every day and harass them until they paid. Also, they had me run the store by myself for an entire week before my 90 day trial period was up even though I told them I wasn't comfortable with it. I quit soon after.
  • I worked at a used car dealership as a tech. If a vehicle came in wit ABS or airbag light on, I was told to remove the lens and use a sharpie to cover the indicator. I told him it was illegal and I would not do it. He told me to Do it or find another job. I still refused, I walked out and reported him to the state.
  • My husbands boss would hire people who he felt sorry for but they had no experience and had no clue what they were doing. Then when they couldn't afford to pay them anymore he made my husband choose who to fire and made him do it. Then he felt bad about firing them and rehired them again. Making my husband the bad guy.
  • #Text Question - When I worked on a short-term rehab unit at a former facility (I no longer work there) my manager wanted me to document on a patient that had been admitted to air unit the day before, and I didn't even work that day! She wanted me to go back and post date all of the admission paperwork and sign it saying that I did the patient admission so that we could get a payment for the patient being there. Not only did I refuse to do what my unit manager asked, I also took it to the administrator, as my manager was asking me to falsify documentation!
  • My former boss got into some trouble with a government contract and wanted me to falsify some paperwork to "make the problem go away". I didn't do it. About 2 weeks after, my job was "out-sourced" and I was let go. I settled with quite a nice severance instead of reporting them. A year or so later, the company was shut down. Karma.
  • No name on air... My manager required me to work 7 days a week. Needless to say, the next weekend came and I was let go because I did not work the weekend. I was already working 10 to 12 hours a day Monday through Friday and that was not good enough.
  • My manager wrote me up for not front facing our entire store before leaving for the night & having to return early the next morning, which involved getting onto the floor to do all the bottom shelves when I was 36 WEEKS PREGNANT! She asked why I couldn't perform my tasks.... knowing I'm enormously pregnant! I still was assigned the same task twice later that week and she was going to give me another write up and I refused and put my two weeks in. I feel like if you know someone can not physically perform that task, they shouldn't be forced to set up to fail.