Let's throw your parents under the bus with today's #TQOTD.  What horrible lesson did your parents teach you?

What did your parents teach you that you had to UNLEARN? (EX: Fish and his bad eating habits)

  • I had to unlearn bad work ethics, my parents never held a job really, when I was growing up, they always lived off my disability check and govt assistance, now me and both my brothers have decent jobs and good work ethics.
  • TQOTD: My mom didn’t have a great education growing up and neither did her parents. This was super evident in her speech and the way she learned how to say certain words (for example: “warsh” vs. “wash,” etc.). So, when I was preschool age, she taught me from home and did a great job considering, except when it came to one specific word: “Mass-uh-too-sis” is how I pronounced the state “Massachusetts.” The funnier thing is that neither of my older siblings learned the pronunciation incorrectly, just me. They didn’t correct me until I was a teenager, and neither did anyone else! #facepalm #humilated #inowhaveanEnglishdegree #thanksmom
  • They always said” you can’t leave the table till everything’s gone from your plate”Well THANK YOU “ Boom now Iam fat. Never made my kids do that and them son of bioches are slim. THANKS AGIAN, MOM, bahah, teehee. Yeah I still love them.
  • I had to learn that it's ok to say no to people and to not feel obligated to do things for people because they make you feel guilty. I was brought up being manipulated that way, so I had to retrain my brain to act and react differently.
  • Negativity, gossip, jealousy, love. I say love, because I was taught love is conditional.
  • Keeping STUFF that I don’t need and have no use for They still do this and every time I visit I try to take some of the clutter out with me...I’m doing them a favor, right? Not as bad as hoarders though, but almost!
  • How to hook my heels over the headboard. :-)
  • Farmers blow. My neighbor taught me how but my mom said it was not lady like. ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ Good solution if no kleenex‍♀️
  • Nothing...my parents were pretty much right about everything...i should have listened better...and taken notes!
  • It's ok to speak up. I was raised to be seen and not heard.
  • That I don't have to hug every relative that I have!
  • That thunder and lightning = God and the angels bowling. ‍♀️
  • To clean my plate even if I don’t need all that food.
  • Irregardless. My mother still says it to this day.
  • Screaming at my kids...there is another volume than shreek
  • Brown cows give chocolate
  • Hoarding .. uhggg
  • I had to unlearn a lot. My parents taught me to never forgive. To hurt others when you can especially if they hurt you. Always be angry. I was not sad with what they didn’t teach me. Love, kindness, gentleness, Patience. But I’ve been learning and getting better for my family
  • TQOTD: Shame. And eating/drinking sugar all day everyday would be fine & not mess my body/health up at all as an adult. ‍♀️
  • I was taught that if you're a good person do the right thing do your best try hard you'll you'll go far in this world. That NO LONGER APPLIES!!! AND IM PISSED lol I even yelled at my mom about this a couple of weeks ago hahaha. Have a great vacation guys!! Be safe! Ur clique of six friend-Sebastian the boxer dad
  • How to understand that not everything has to be a yelling match. My mom to this day doesn't understand how to have a conversation. I could go on all day explaining this woman to you but I will leave the details to the therapist.
  • Like Connie I had to unlearn eating everything on my plate. My mom is so bad when we go out to eat if she has anything left she covers it up with napkins so no one knows. Brother in pain
  • I had to un learn racism
  • I have been taught that you keep your mouth shut and respect your husbands mother. That is hard to do when your husband doesn't defend you at all especially when you get insulted. I have learned to get thicker skin and defend myself. My husband is slowly learning too.
  • My parents told me that a high colonic was an "adult beverage."
  • They taught me abstinence... Had to unlearn that shit quick
  • "It's just a phase honey, your dad experimented with men before he met me too". Um what, I'm gay and now I'm wondering about Dad.
  • To give people second chances. There are many people who I learned the first time and been done with it, but felt obligated to give them another shot. That has bit me in the butt too many times.
  • If a kid insults u or dislikes u, it is because they are jealous of u.
  • They taught me that smoking weed is bad and will turn you into a drug addict. Turns out that they were wrong.
  • “Don’t buy stocks- you’ll just lose it like we did” and “Don’t look for a new job- persevere the old one and build a career”
  • I was taught that I had to stand up for myself n not try to reason things out. It caused many problems in school n in life after that. It took awhile to reason. People are so unpredictable, n parents don't know everything.
  • I grew up down south and my Dad taught me to say yes/no Sir and yes/no ma'am and I had to unlearn that because everyone would take offense to it like ladies would be like "I'm not a ma'am I'm not old". So that was fun.
  • TQOTD: My parents used to tell me that my pinkies were crooked because they got caught in the door when I was a kid. It wasn't until they overheard me telling that to somebody else that I had to start Unlearning that Because it was just a thing they used to tell me as a joke and I didn't know. LOLOL
  • My mom taught me that my ankles were my elbows and my elbows were my ankles. Fortunately I relearned that before school. But it still confuses me sometimes.

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