I have always been fascinated by other peoples jobs and the things we don't know about them. I didn't know all the secret stuff that went into Disney World until I worked there (can't talk about that because they would sue me). Did you know most of the time Christine and I are on the air that we aren't wearing pants? Boom! Now you learned a nug about radio, LOL (kidding, I am always wearing pants). Now it's your turn.

Good or Bad... What do people not know about where you work?

  • It's a pain in the ass on our hands!!
  • Shipt shoppers do not in fact make $22 an hour before tips. Base pay can start put at like $6-$12 even if the order has like 90 items and is a 17 minute drive. They advertise it as up to and some people think that is enough to not tip. But in reality we also rely on tips. Generally $10 is an okay tip but if you have a big order $20-$60+ is much more appreciated. Remember these people are shopping for your food. They go to the store, grab, scan, bag, drive and carry. Then on top of that they have to pay 20-30% of what they earn to taxes. If a delivery pays $13, tax is $4. So its more like $9. To those who don't give a 5 star, even for great service you can mess up the ratings and effect who gets the orders. 4.9 and some days you can't get anything. All it takes is one 4 to drop you from a 5 down and that could take away your ability to get orders. Moral: rate and tip well. After all, these are people handling your food for you during a pandemic and road conditions of winter.
  • That cashiers can use their discretion (to an extent) as far as changing prices. If you bring up an item that rings at $20 but say you saw a sign that said it was $15, we'll probably do it. But if you have a $300 item and you're gonna try to say there was a sign for $150, we will likely not do that. Also just because we price match certain retailers doesn't mean we match ALL retailers (no we will not match the price you saw it for on eBay or Amazon)
  • It's more important to dental workers that you regularly brush than making sure you brush right before you come in.
  • Believe it or not we have nothing to do with child support being taken out of your paycheck, and we just can’t stop it because you say you it’s not supposed to be taken out, the court order tells us different we had nothing to do with it
  • Believe it or not, I don't know everything and I can't fix everything!
  • The radiation oncology is VERY different than the radiology department.
  • We are such an awesome free program (Great Start Parent Coalition) to any parents in every county of MI & I wish more people knew about it and the benefits for families, children, & local communities!
  • We are not a drive thru for your hot plate/die orders. Today turn around times have been made shorter due to access to approvals via pdf files. It takes time to make the product..
  • I’m a parts specialist... not a mechanic. I know where most of the parts go and symptoms of different systems failing... but I cannot diagnose why your vehicle isn’t “running right”, from behind a counter.
  • Virtual is way harder, more expensive, and more time consuming than in-person.
  • We assess people's noses in public now instead of their veins... #covidnurse
  • A thrift store based on community donations is NOT the city dump where you can drop off dirty diapers, broken dishes, your dead pets ashes, or the clothes you threw up on or pooped in on your all night rager.
  • People talk about draining the swamp - but when you point out the lifetime government workers as opposed to the private sector turned government worker -“that’s just how it’s always been”
  • Goodwill. Lots of donations get thrown away or recycled. They do not wash the cloths (lots of people assume they do for some reason). If you donate stuff to a goodwill location and they dont want it they send it tonthe goodwill outlet center out near rivertown mall where donations are sold by the pound.
  • That Adult Foster Care deals with mentally/physically disabled adults in a group home setting, not senior citizens in a hospital type setting.
  • I work in health insurance. When people hear where I work, they usually start asking me questions about their own insurance or why something wouldn’t be covered.
  • That without laboratory scientists your Dr., Would not know what is really wrong with you and what to treat it with.
  • Bad, half the time I don't think people remember that were human. I get yelled at and insulted at least once a day. Like I'm a robot with no feelings. I work in a call center.
  • That Clinical Laboratory Scientists (aka Medical Technologists) are not nurses.
  • I work for unemployment and one thing people don’t know - employees are working 50-55 hrs a week to serve Michiganders.
  • What do people not know about where I work? Answer. You get a ton of vacation time but you need it because of the burnout that comes with the job. Talking to my doctor, I also found out that many new employees end up on anxiety and depression meds their first year with my company. As soon as they quit, they go off the meds. Doctors tell people to quit where I work.
  • Bad, half the time I don't think people remember that we're human. I get yelled at and insulted at least once a day. Like I'm a robot with no feelings. I work in a call center.
  • How nasty some of these over the road truckers keep their trucks. Dog poop on the floor , jugs of pee, 8 months of old food. And they stink on days like this you drive it in the shop with your head stuck out the window!! Lol I repair trucks.
  • Good – the owners are great and there are a lot of good and nice people there. Bad – some co-workers will stab you in the back and throw you under the bus and take credit for your work and bully and make up lies
  • Childcare is NOT babysitting. We teach and are trained in curriculum and so many areas whereas babysitting is just watching the kid. I'm always told as a preschool teacher that I'm basically a babysitter and it's so frustrating! I have 2 college degrees in child development, it's so much more!
  • I'm a water well driller best part of the job is my work pays for beer and we drink back at the shop
  • I worked in a bakery when I was a teenager. The number of people who would come in and ask "what tastes better, the round or square cake?" blew my mind. It's was all made with the same batter!!
  • Best thing about my job is I can listen to your whole show on my earbuds, I wire electrical panels 💋💋

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