It's time to share that thing that people look at you funny for. What's weird about you?

What do people think is weird about you?

  • EverythingI definitely march to the beat of my own drum... and I love it
  • I have to pick the toppings off my pizza before I take a bite out of the rest of the slice.
  • That I put cottage cheese in my bowl of chili.
  • My son says I’m weird because I wear a Hope College shirt almost every single day for the past decade.
  • Don't like my food to touch, if it touches it goes in the garbage
  • That I love the summer heat. I hate coffee. I do not eat ANYTHING that swims. I like little rodents.
  • My husband will say that I will not drink milk in a plastic cup, always in a glass. He always says it comes in a plastic container. I don't care I only like to drink it out of a glass.
  • That I don't like coffee, in any flavor. I think it's gross!
  • My husband says there are too many to list. I love him anyway though. LOL
  • Im scared of butterflies
  • I don't like most condiments (ketchup, mustard, all salad dressings, relish, mayonnaise, etc)
  • The first two things that come to mind are that I chew the stringys of celery long after the rest is gone and that I drink from bottles from the side of my mouth and not the front.
  • That I'm a woman who isn't afraid of spiders/mice/snakes/etc.
  • Apparently I say paper towel oddly. ‍♀️ It sounds normal to me, but I guess not.
  • My husband.
  • I don't like chocolate.
  • The list of what’s NOT weird would probably be shorter, lol!
  • I like to eat dill or garlic pickles and drink whole milk with it.
  • Everything I mean everything LOL
  • My voice? I’ve been told I look like someone they know..
  • Grand kid says my jokes
  • Oh the list is long.
  • I like cold hot dogs with peanut butter on them
  • That i don't like chocolate lol
  • TQOTD....probably a lot if things, lol!  I literally have no sweet tooth anymore and I love/thrive in being by myself and just peace and quiet...but the weirdest thing is my love for my two little pet mice (no I am not kidding...if you knew my dad!!) I bought them at the start of the shutdown. All the fear and unknowns had me just wanting to flash back to being a carefree kid again and I went to the pet store with my dad....and came home with two little girl mice! I love them!!!!  Weird ass girl I am!!  Haha!!
  • What do you people think is weird about me? That would definitely be my sneezing. When I sneeze I do it in rapid succession of like 3 to 7 sneezes, but they aren’t like normal sneezes. Most people describe them that I sound like their cat because they’re kind of quiet and I squeak a little bit.
  • I love peanut butter and hate peanuts. I love pizza cheese sticks fried cheese curds and a grilled cheese but I hate cheeseburgers or cheese on my sandwiches. I don't eat cheese even plane
  • What people find strange or weird about me? I have a few.. lol. I have a lot of different skills or talents. I have a very strong memory, meaning that I have a very strong ability of recall. I also have nearly no filter when talking. I am not really afraid to say what I think majority of the time. I am completely versatile in different groups of people and have the ability to blend in when I need to. I am a lot like Connie when it comes to my desire to be a home body and recharge after interacting with people all day, or night depending on the situation. I work 3rd shift so I am not interacting with large groups.
  • ? Of da day.... People think it's weird because I like to travel alone, go out to eat alone. They just don't know the joy of it
  • People think that I'm weird because I'm a woman Captain and my passion is fishing. Have a great day! Captain Ruth
  • TQOTD: My guess is that it might seem weird to others how I might not look like I'm enjoying myself in large group settings? I think I have a resting B/bored face when I'm not talking to a close friend (or others when I choose to sit and observe). Group settings above 4-5 people are just a bit much for me.
  • I put saltine crackers and ketchup on my chili
  • QOTD-Something people think is weird about me is, when I was 7, I was walking from the bathroom back to my bedroom and I saw 2 glowing figures coming up the stairs. I darted to my sister's room and didnt come out until the next day. TO THIS DAY I run up stairs and look behind me. My fiance screws with me ALL THE TIME!!!!
  • Everyone…especially my kids think it’s really strange that I work for my ex husband’s families business…which includes working with him…and have for 26 years (13 years married and 13 years divorced). Try explaining that to the new boyfriend Fish!
  • People think it's weird that I eat the entire apple. Well, actually not the stem because I'm not a savage.
  • They find it weird that I cannot stand meat on the bone.’
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